The Daily Practice of Consecration

The process of consecration can be practised as follows.

To offer one’s sleep and even the most mechanical movements and routine activities such as sleep, eating, even washing and bathing.

To remember and offer each action to the Mother at the beginning, aspiring to bring in more Light and Beauty and harmony and Truth and to open oneself to Her light and Force and Peace.

To cultivate in oneself a state of Remembrance in the background while the outer action is going on. Each action should be done as perfectly as one can but surrendering the results entirely in Her hands. The Remembrance itself can be aided with the help of Her Name or simply inwardly repeating Maa.

To remember and offer, after an action is over, with gratitude.

All this has to be done not as a mechanical act or drudgery or with an eye that is monitoring the results but as an act of joy just as one would remember someone one loves.

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