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At the Feet of The Mother

The Birth of Evil, pp. 222-223

Opening Remarks
Evil was born out of the womb of Night. It wore a form and shape and strove to conquer the world with its shadow.

The touch of life
When nothing was save Matter without soul
And a spiritless hollow was the heart of Time,
Then Life first touched the insensible Abyss;
Awaking the stark Void to hope and grief
Her pallid beam smote the unfathomed Night
In which God hid himself from his own view.

When there was no other creation save our material universe emerging out of a dark Inconscient Abyss, life touched the nether deeps in which God had hidden Himself from His own view. Its beam troubled the sleep of matter with hope and grief.

Slumbering mystic truth
In all things she sought their slumbering mystic truth,
The unspoken Word that inspires unconscious forms;
She groped in his deeps for an invisible Law,
Fumbled in the dim subconscient for his mind
And strove to find a way for spirit to be.

Life entered the fathomless Abyss to discover its mystic truth and the power that expresses itself through material forms. She sought to know the law, the thought that moves matter. She strove to find a way for the Spirit hidden within it to emerge.

Answer from the Night
But from the Night another answer came.

But what she discovered at first was not the spirit but the law of darkness, the power of division that gave birth to countless material forms. This power resisted rather than expressed the spirit. Thus life encountered the resistance of matter to the Spirit’s power.

Nether matrix
A seed was in that nether matrix cast,
A dumb unprobed husk of perverted truth,
A cell of an insentient infinite.

In that effort a seed of life was cast in the dark fields of consciousness below. The hard husk of a perverted truth surrounded the little grain of light that was covered by the darkness. The unconscious infinity gave birth to small units of life.

A monstrous birth
A monstrous birth prepared its cosmic form
In Nature’s titan embryo, Ignorance.

Out of the womb of darkness and ignorance this seed began to develop as Nature, the mother of all things, prepared for this monstrous life to be born.

Body of doom
Then in a fatal and stupendous hour
Something that sprang from the stark Inconscient’s sleep
Unwillingly begotten by the mute Void,
Lifted its ominous head against the stars;
Overshadowing earth with its huge body of Doom
It chilled the heavens with the menace of a face.

Then in an ominous moment of Time a shadow was born unwillingly out of the mute inconscient void. It grew to cover the earth and heavens by its cold and menacing face. It body of doom leaped to engulf the stars.

A shadowy Will
A nameless Power, a shadowy Will arose
Immense and alien to our universe.

A dark Power, a shadowy Will imitating the Highest arose, immense and unknown to our universe.

Closing Remarks
Thus was born the child of darkness in the Night of God with a purpose that none could fathom.

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