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At the Feet of The Mother

The Mother's Writings

In ancient times trance or Samadhi was considered a very high condition. It was even thought to be the sign of a great realisation.
Sri Aurobindo used to say, you know, that to wear a ring with his portrait and think that it protects you, is a superstition!
If you use power to show that you possess it, it becomes so full of falsehood and untruth that finally it disappears.
Freedom is a sort of instinctive need, a necessity for the integral development of the being. In its essence it is a perfect realisation of the highest consciousness, it is the expression of Unity and of union with the Divine.
In ancient Arabia, a persecuted divine being sought refuge in a pomegranate bush, its blood nourishing miraculous scarlet flowers symbolizing Divine Love.
When I ask you to be plastic in relation to the Divine, I mean not to resist the Divine with the rigidity of preconceived ideas and fixed principles.
Do not try to correct your faults one by one, to overcome your weaknesses one by one, it does not take you very far. The entire consciousness must be changed.
There is only one solution, to find your psychic being and once it is found to cling to it desperately, to let it guide you step by step whatever be the obstacle. That is the only solution.
You must understand that in order to really possess knowledge, whatever it may be, you must put it into practice, that is, master your nature so as to be able to express this knowledge in action.
One day “God” decided to exteriorise himself, objectivise himself, in order to have the joy of knowing himself in detail. So, first of all, he emanated his consciousness ...by ordering this consciousness to realise a universe.
The March Past is for stimulating the receptivity of the body to the energies for realisation.
You must play for the sake of playing and to learn how to play and to progress in games and in order that your play may become the expression of your inner consciousness at its highest — it is this which is important.