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At the Feet of The Mother

New Creation, The

Nolini da (Shri Nolini Kant Gupta) ranks among the foremost disciples of Sri Aurobindo. We take up one of his essays on the New Humanity, of which he was surely one.
This webinar is based on the Mother's prayer of August 29th, 1914 "OF what use would be man if he was not made to throw a bridge between That which eternally is, but is not manifested..."
It is obvious that the most dominant characteristic of matter is inertia, and that, if there were not this violence, perhaps the individual consciousness would be so inert that rather than change it would accept to live in a perpetual imperfection...
An Article by Dr Alok Pandey
More and more souls are walking towards the New World, while some have already entered and started living there and operating from the New World and its New Consciousness.
The right moment has arrived, the season has changed and slowly or suddenly there bursts out of the soil of human nature a new shoot, tender and small yet carrying within it hope and new possibilities of the future.
A Talk in English (video)
This talk by Dr Alok Pandey focuses on different changes we see in the world, which are signs of an emergent new creation and progressive spiritualisation of the human race.