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At the Feet of The Mother

General Topics

One of the questions that arises in the mind of a sceptic is that if God is the sole Reality then what really prevents us from knowing that That Reality as naturally as we breathe or think or feel. This talk is based on two Mother's conversations separated by nearly 52 years.
A misconception exists on the role of prayers, worship and certain forms of external expressions usually associated with the ritualistic aspects of religion. From a spiritual point of view the attitude is more important than the external action. At the same time there is also a need for the outer and external being to participate in the movement of Yoga.
A continuation of the theme of a Near Death Experience, which explores the issues regarding the validity of the experiences, the inner causes of illness and spontaneous remissions of cancer.
A state of crisis raises the storm of fear, agitation and anxiety in us and fills the mind with clouds of doubt. Therefore we become momentarily blind to the presence of the Sun.
Audio in English
‘Two are the measures of the cosmic Dance’. The dance of Krishna, the dance that accompanies and brings with it the Delight of creation, and the dance of Kali, the dance that brings the delight of destruction, the passing away of all that has outlived its purpose. They are two facets of the One Reality