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At the Feet of The Mother

Dilip Kumar Roy

Never mind the lower vital, it is not so dreadful as you think, if one can take hold of it by both ends and keep it in its place. It is the same as with the other instruments, body, mind, higher vital, even the overmind powers, — they are good as instruments, but bad as masters.
Congratulations on the sparkles and the dreams. ... I think I have told you that the sparkles usually indicate an opening of the doors of the inner consciousness.
Poetry can start from any plane of consciousness, although like all art — or, one might say, all creation — it must always come through the vital if it is to be alive.
It is precisely this predominance of the vital in us that makes the necessity of passing through the desert. If the psychic were always there in front, the desert would be no longer a desert and the wilderness would blossom with the rose.
I am certainly not going to pronounce you unfit because you want the Ananda; on such grounds I would have to pronounce myself unfit, because I have myself wanted it and many other things besides.
The presence whose fading he regrets can only be felt if the inner being continues to be consecrated, and the outer nature is put into harmony or at least kept under the touch of the inner spirit.
The idea is that, being Omnipotent, omniscient, infinite, supreme, the Divine does not scorn to descend even into the lowest forms, the obscurest figures of Nature and animate them with the divine Presence, — that shows his Divinity.