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At the Feet of The Mother

Savitri Connects with Her Cosmic Past, pp. 477-478

Opening Remarks
Our life is a single unbroken thread whose links are embedded in our soul. Through many forms and names, in ignorance and in knowledge, we have pursued the sacred mission for which our souls have come down upon earth. This is the truth to which Savitri begins to awaken.

A dream
A dream disclosed to her the cosmic past,
The crypt-seed and the mystic origins,
The shadowy beginnings of world-fate:
A lamp of symbol lighting hidden truth
Imaged to her the world’s significance.

Savitri entered a dream reverie where she became aware of her cosmic past and the mystic origins of her soul. As a lamp lights up hidden truths, she became aware of the symbol meanings of her fate led to the world fate.

First mysterious steps
In the indeterminate formlessness of Self
Creation took its first mysterious steps,
It made the body’s shape a house of soul
And Matter learned to think and person grew;
She saw Space peopled with the seeds of life
And saw the human creature born in Time.

She enters into a state wherein the Self in its indeterminate formless state took its first steps towards creation. A body was thence made as a house for the soul and matter evolved under its pressure so as to manifest thought in man and carve a personality out of mud. She saw the seeds of life in Space and the human creature born amidst the play of Time.

Half-neutral tide
At first appeared a dim half-neutral tide
Of being emerging out of infinite Nought:
A consciousness looked at the inconscient Vast
And pleasure and pain stirred in the insensible Void.

In the beginning a stir and a tide appeared out of some infinite Nothingness. A consciousness looked at the inconscient Vast stretched and pleasure and pain stirred in the Void giving birth to rudimentary sense and sensations.

Blind World-Energy
All was the deed of a blind World-Energy:
Unconscious of her own exploits she worked,
Shaping a universe out of the Inane.

All seemed the work of a blind World-Energy that seemed unconscious of her own works even as she was shaping a universe out of the insensible Void.

She grew aware
In fragmentary beings she grew aware:
A chaos of little sensibilities
Gathered round a small ego’s pin-point head;
In it a sentient creature found its poise,
It moved and lived a breathing, thinking whole.

Through creation the recovery of consciousness began on the basis of name and form. The chaotic little near insensible drifts started gathered round a small ego’s pin-point to create a half-conscious creature that could live and breath and move and think.

Subconscient life
On a dim ocean of subconscient life
A formless surface consciousness awoke:
A stream of thoughts and feelings came and went,
A foam of memories hardened and became
A bright crust of habitual sense and thought,
A seat of living personality
And recurrent habits mimicked permanence.

A surface consciousness awoke on an inconscient or subconscient ocean where streams of thought and sensations and feelings floated and drifted coalescing around memories king a bright crust of habitual sense and thought and recurrent habits giving the sense of a temporary permanence. This became the seat of a living personality.

Bottomless sea
Mind nascent laboured out a mutable form,
It built a mobile house on shifting sands,
A floating isle upon a bottomless sea.

A Mind not yet developed laboured to create a form building a mobile house on shifting sands floating upon a bottomless sea.

Dreamed immortality
A conscious being was by this labour made;
It looked around it on its difficult field
In the green wonderful and perilous earth;
It hoped in a brief body to survive,
Relying on Matter’s false eternity.
It felt a godhead in its fragile house;
It saw blue heavens, dreamed immortality.

A conscious being we know as man was made by this slow labour. He woke up and looked around his inner and outer fields of nature. He saw the green wonderful, perilous earth where it hoped to survive in a brief body made of matter. It felt the presence of a godhead in its fragile body, looked up at the skies and heavens beyond, dreamed and aspired for immortality.

Closing Remarks
Savitri becomes aware that she had always been upon earth from the beginning of creation and her own story is interwoven with the cosmic story of creation itself.

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