Savitri Classes in Hindi 241 – 280

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SH 241 471-473 The inadequate signs that love uses Save
SH 242 473-473 The human heart and the body's Fate Save
SH 243 474-475 Savitri speaks to her higher Self Save
SH 244 475-477 A Program for the Yoga Save
SH 245 477-479 A student of herself Save
SH 246 479-481 A whole mysterious world is locked within Save
SH 247 481-483 All the world's possibilities wait in man Save
SH 248 483-485 The Greater Self within and the Shadow Save
SH 249 485-487 The curve of human evolution Save
SH 250 488-490 For Man Thou seekest Save
SH 251 490-493 A giant head of Life Save
SH 252 493-495 The Intermediate Zone Save
SH 253 495-497 The world of rule and line Save
SH 254 497-500 Morality, Religion, Philosophy and Yoga Save
SH 255 500-502 The gods rushing outwards from the soul Save
SH 256 503-505 Divine Pity watching over the world Save
SH 257 505-508 The voice of tamasic ego and the tortured Titan Save
SH 258 508-510 The guardian Power and the savior Grace Save
SH 259 510-513 The deformed chained god Save
SH 260 513-516 Madonna of Light Save
SH 261 516-519 The sense-shackled human mind Save
SH 262 519-521 Savitri's Promise to the Madonna of Light Save
SH 263 522-524 The soul's mystic cave Save
SH 264 525-526 Discovery of the soul Save
SH 265 526-529 The Psychic being and the Kundalini Shakti Save
SH 266 529-531 Opening of the subtle centers Save
SH 267 531-533 The first perfection and the greater work ahead Save
SH 268 533-536 Voice of the Night Save
SH 269 536-537 The Voice of Light Save
SH 270 537-538 The Command for self-annulment and the Witness-Self Save
SH 271 538-540 The Birth and Nature of Thought Save
SH 272 540-541 Behind the Surfaces of Life and Thought Save
SH 273 541-542 The Mind-machine Save
SH 274 542-545 Rising out of the Mind Save
SH 275 545-546 Glimpse of the all-negating Void Supreme Save
SH 276 547-549 Beyond Being and Non-being Save
SH 277 549-552 Nirvana and Works in the World Save
SH 278 552-554 A Vast Impersonality Save
SH 279 554-556 Unity of God and Creation Save
SH 280 556-557 The Cosmic Spirit and Oneness Save


To access earlier or later talks, use NAVIGATION table on the right side (for cell phone – bottom of the page)