Savitri Classes in Hindi 201 – 240

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SH 201 384-386 The Passage of Destiny Save
SH 202 389-391 The Hour and the Place for the destined meeting Save
SH 203 392-394 Satyavan Save
SH 204 394-395 The one destined face Save
SH 205 395-397 The Soul recognizing its answering Soul Save
SH 206 397-399 The Beauty and the Wonder of Love Save
SH 207 400-402 Satyavan opening his heart to Savitri Save
SH 208 402-404 Satyavan introducing himself - The stamp of royalty Save
SH 209 404-406 A Student and Pupil of Nature Save
SH 210 406-408 The seeking spirit of Satyavan Save
SH 211 408-409 The moment of acceptance Save
SH 212 410-411 The wedding of the eternal Lord and Spouse Save
SH 213 411-412 The momentary parting of Savitri and Satyavan Save
SH 214 415-416 The heavenly bard and divine messenger Narad Save
SH 215 416-418 The song of Narad Save
SH 216 417-419 Savitri arrives at her father's palace Save
SH 217 419-421 The guarded voice of Truth Save
SH 218 421-423 King Aswapati responds to Narada, the Heavenly Sage Save
SH 219 423-425 The choice of Destiny Save
SH 220 425-427 The problem of foresight Save
SH 221 427-429 The apprehensive human heart Save
SH 222 429-431 The prophesy of Narad Save
SH 223 431-434 The Queen's pleadings and Savitri's reply Save
SH 224 434-436 Savitri's Resolve Save
SH 225 437-439 Problem of Pain Save
SH 226 439-442 The Queen questions the Wisdom behind Creation Save
SH 227 442-444 Sage Narad sets the tone for his reply Save
SH 228 444-446 The good and great who suffer Save
SH 229 446-447 The suffering of God's Messengers Save
SH 230 447-449 The World-Redeemer's heavy task Save
SH 231 449-451 End of the Law of Pain Save
SH 232 451-453 The Two Paths Save
SH 233 453-454 The face of Bliss behind the mask of pleasure and pain Save
SH 234 454-456 The soul's plunge into dark fields of Ignorance Save
SH 235 456-458 Freedom and Fate Save
SH 236 458-460 The soul's journey - a battle and a pilgrimage Save
SH 237 460-462 The Warrior Soul of Savitri Save
SH 238 463-467 Savitri leaves her parental home for living with Satyavan Save
SH 239 467-469 The dual play of Joy and Grief Save
SH 240 469-471 The Divine becomes human Save


To access earlier or later talks, use NAVIGATION table on the right side (for cell phone – bottom of the page)