“A Prayer to The Mother” by Sudhir Sarkar

Divine Mother,

I pray that deep in my heart I may feel Thy heavenly touch, see Thy hands in all the work I do, hear Thy voice deep within me, see Thy smile so sweet, live in Thee and sleep only in Thy lap.

When I awake, let Thy smiling face and Thy lotus-like feet and hands well up from within me, let them touch my eyes, enabling me to see Thee all around me.

Let me hear Thy soft and tender voice moving me to perform the works given to me.

Oh, how I wish I could bring all my relatives, my friends, nay, all the people of the earth and show them to my Mother; by Her magic touch She would change their heart’s understanding, give them peace and the sweet taste of happiness!

Then my rebirth on Thy lap would be fulfilled and I would be satisfied and happy.

Sudhir Sarkar
(From a prayer written on The Mother’s birthday, 21st February 1943)


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