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At the Feet of The Mother

Pain and Suffering – Spiritual and Psychological Perspectives (TE 275)

This is an online interaction of Dr Alok Pandey with a group of psychologists keen on exploring psychology from the standpoint of Indian Spirituality.

Following the talk, the following questions from the audience were answered:

Q1. What was the third kind of suffering… can you clarify again?
Q2. Can share the aspect of “attachment” in suffering?
Q3. You talked about habitual conditions of the cells, is menstruation a habit in the body? And all the pain it causes to the body and then to other parts of the being… can there be an end to this?
Q4. How to deal with physical suffering? How does one detach from physical pain? And other genetic physical and psychological suffering one inherits which feels like a hard rock to overcome?
Q5. Is seeking yourself selfish when on the other side we can help others..like a jain muni, is he selfish to renunciate everything to find himself?
Q6. So, to procreate is the natures will and not divine will?
Q7. What is a new creation? In what all forms in matter it will manifest or has it already started manifesting?
Q8. How to deal with past memories that come to surface and cause pain?
Q9. Please shed some light on process of matter being divinized?

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