TH 081

Spiritual Life and Religious Life (TH 081)

Religious life is often trapped in rules and rituals, often continued unthinkingly out of fear or as a means of pleasing God. Spirituality begins when we begin to seek consciously and chose the path we must travel to find Truth consciously.

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Water (HH 161)

There is an ordinary, scientific view of matter and there is a spiritual view of matter. It is interesting the Science itself has reached that critical threshold wherein it is entering the occult and spiritual realms through the backdoor. One such entry point is the ‘Electrical Theory of the Universe’ and the ‘Fourth Phase of Water.’

TH 079

Integral Education (TH 079)

The integral education is meant to bring about the all-round development of a child. Some of the key ideas of an integral education are shared here with the example of the Mother’s School.

TH 77 Savitri as Spiritual Poetry

About Savitri as Spiritual Poetry (TH 077)

Savitri belongs to that genre of mystic spiritual poetry that is called mantric in India. Though the struggling mind of ours cannot reach at the truths revealed at once, it gets the light and joy.


Birth of a New Epiphany, pp. 356-358 (SH 184)

Savitri is conscious from her very birth. She is conscious of Her Origin and Her divine Mission. It is a consciousness with which we is born and towards which She is naturally drawn.