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At the Feet of The Mother

Opening Remarks for Canto 3

The Divine Mother has appeared on the threshold of the Unknowable in response to the aspiration and tapasya of the seer-yogi Aswapati, the forerunner of the human race voicing the anguish of the ages. She draws him deeper and deeper into Her depths where Aswapati now experiences the original blueprint of creation. It is here that he discovers what the supramental world is like and what the earth could become if it were to manifest here. The main difference between the old world in which we continue to exist and the new world that is spreading its consciousness fast is mainly this. The old world is built upon and experiences itself in a fragmented way since the forces of division are strong here. It is as if one were viewing a single person in a fragmented and distorting mirror. The New World that is already born and growing is built, on the other hand upon oneness. There is no division or distortion there. All is a simple natural divine spontaneous outflowering and inpouring of some vast Truth and its law that has sprung up from the core of Light and Bliss and Love and Oneness. That flaming core is the heart of the Divine Mother. It is She who holds within Her the New Creation and can give it to those who are ready and willing.

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