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At the Feet of The Mother

Opening Remarks for Canto One

Narad, the demigod, the celestial singer of God’s Name and the divine messenger between heaven and earth arrives to the palace of King Aswapati. Just then Savitri arrives filled to the brim with love. She says that her quest has ended and she has found her lover and mate. Aswapati foresees some difficulties but also sees that it is driven away. However his wife and Savitri’s mother, the queen asks Narad to prophesy about choice. After an initial hesitation, Narad reveals that though Satyavan is truly a rarest jewel of heaven upon earth the like of which is hardly found, yet he is doomed by destiny to die in an year. The queen perturbed by the prophesy bids Savitri to return back and find another partner for her life companion. Savitri, steadfast in love, refuses to change her choice. Rather she chooses to fight with the destiny.


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What is important is not the star but the aspiration. The star is only like an outer demonstration, nothing else.