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At the Feet of The Mother

‘One More Step’ – an official trailer

In spite of his stunning outer achievements in multiple areas of knowledge, Man knows very little when it comes to his inner worlds, the continuous inner battles that actually influence and steer his life. He is often torn between his beliefs, his emotions, and his relentless mental and physical activities. Man finds himself totally lost in this unknown territory. 

‘One More Step’ is a film based on the revelations of Sri Aurobindo, a seer and Yogi of modern India. The central theme of this film is: how can modern man face the problems of his inner life. The film seeks to clear some of the basic misconceptions of life and also focus on its secret dynamics that can help us to recognize and fight our hidden enemies with greater power, resolve and clarity. 

Demystifying the occult phenomenon of life, this film introduces us to the hidden forces of life and in the later part opens out onto a vaster canvas, which might be incredibly startling and yet so logical and credible, offering a luminous hope for our future.

In a collaboration of the InnerWorlds, Pondicherry, and Post Production, Kolkata, ‘One More Step’ is produced and scripted by Shri Kush Sen, and directed by Shri Debajyoti Ghosh.

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