Moral, Religious and Spiritual Life (talk 2/14) TH 189

Video and audio recordings of a talk by Dr Alok Pandey at Van Niwas, Nainital in May 2018.

There is often a confusion between the moral and the spiritual as if they were interchangeable terms.

While it is true that none can escape a certain moral stage of evolution in the course of development, yet the spiritual evolution goes far beyond the moral. It is not inferior to morality but something far above it, not even a moral as Nature is, nor inframoral as animal life and certain sections of humanity are, but supramoral.

So also spiritual life has little to do with conventional religiosity. A very religious man may be far from the true spiritual life, often even closed to it. All these different aspects of human life and the stages of our evolution towards the spiritual consciousness are discussed in this talk.

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