Mantra Dhyana: Om Gananam Tva Ganapatim

A Music Video from Nadaka and Gopika (Raga Mantra).

Om Gananam Tva Ganapatim mantra sung by Nadaka & Gopika

From ancient times, Vedic mantras were passed down orally and were retained purely by memory over generations. The Vedic Seers evolved complex tonal and rhythmical sequences that were inspired and designed to transform the being through deep concentration and the cyclic repetition of these mantras.

This chant is a variation of the Vedic Samhitah:

Om Gannaanaam Tvaa Ganna-Patim Hava-mahe
Kavim Kaviinaam-Upama-Shravas-Tamam |
Jyessttha-Raajam Brahmannaam Brahmannas-Pata
Aa Nah Shrnnvan-Nuutibhih-Siida-Saadanam ||
Sri Mahaa-Gannapataye Namah ||

(the above description is a blurb for the video, originally posted on the RAGA MANTRA  channel

1: Om, O Ganapati, To You Who are the Lord of the Ganas (Celestial Attendants), we Offer our Sacrificial Oblations,
2: You are the Wisdom of the Wise and the Uppermost in Glory,
3: You are the Eldest Lord (i.e. ever Unborn) and is of the Nature of Brahman (Absolute Consciousness); You are the Embodiment of the Sacred Pranava (Om),
4: Please come to us by Listening to our Prayers and be Present in the Seat of this Sacred Sacrificial Altar.
5: Om, our Prostrations to the Mahaganadhipati (the Great Lord of the Ganas).

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