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At the Feet of The Mother

Longings for The Mother (9): Mother, Will You come again in a New Body?

Mother, we hear You will come again in a new body. That will be grand, wonderful! But will it be really so? Is that needed for the prosecution and completion of Your work?

A first supramental body is all the problem for the integral transformation of life. The first body which will no longer be subject to death and disease and deterioration in this wide world where death rules and has always ruled. No doubt the first emergence would mean at one point throwing off the sway of death and a complete self-assertion of the immortality of the spirit. How difficult is such a self-assertion and how difficult will it be to subsist in complete defiance and rejection of the sovereignty of death all around!

But that is what is inherent in the nature of the evolutionary process, a supermind coming as the necessary culmination of mind, an integral consciousness as the consummation of the divided consciousness.

But the achievement of the first supramental body has been, Mother, a very serious problem. Hasn’t it?

Sri Aurobindo’s earnest concern was the supramental descent. That descent presented tremendous difficulties. The human consciousness being self-complacent, un-aspiring, un-open, repulsed the descending power and Sri Aurobindo’s concentrated effort was, on the one hand, to create some openness below and, on the other hand, through personal identification with the supermind to seek to bring that power down into the matrix of earth-life. And the attempt to do so meant persistent battle with the universal inconscient, the hard and dark abysmal base of life.

However, after his passing, the passing being evidently an incident connected with the struggle against the inconscient, the Supramental Manifestation came off six years later in 1956 and You declared with great joy that the Supramental descent was no longer a promise but a living reality.

His passing was then perhaps instrumental too in that long-hoped-for, worked-for Manifestation and descent.

After that the deeper and deeper penetration of supramental consciousness into earth nature became the problem and was represented in Yourself by the progressive descent of the same power into the cells of Your body. This was Your yoga of the body or the physical yoga as we understand it, Mother. This presented awful difficulties in the form of the arousal of the latent incapacities, sufferings and deficiencies of the physical nature. The cells of the body and their unconsciousness resisted the action of the Higher Power rather than welcoming It. The body could not cope with the task. The realisation of the supramental body thus got put off.

But if Sri Aurobindo’s passing proved to be instrumental to the supramental manifestation, coming as it did soon in the wake of his passing, will it be wrong for us, Mother, to think that Your passing too is going to be instrumental to the realisation of the first supramental body? If Your passing will prove so, that would be wonderful. And as the physical transformation was Your problem, may be this will occur as an accomplished fact too in You.

That being probable, we ask, ‘Mother, are You coming in a new body, a supramental body which will be the completion of the mission of the integral transformation of life and the beginning of the supramental age?’

We rejoice over it, Mother, heartily and long, for Your coming and your Supramental Darshan.

But we must ourselves grow supermind-ward in some measure, acquire some sympathy and equivalence with Your supramental nature to be able to get a contact with You, to enjoy your Presence and Your Pleasure, to have any dealings with You.

Even previously when we approached You with our vital nature, demanding-complaining-blaming, we missed You. But when we approached You with self-giving and love, psychically, you were marvellous. So a spiritual approach was necessary for a spiritual contact and a spiritual enjoyment of the relation.

When You come to us in Your full supramental form, we must needs approach You in some little supramental way.

So we rejoice, Mother, that You are likely to come again in a supramental form, but, Mother, help us to develop some little supramental sensibility to see You, to feel You, to serve You, to be tolerably worthy disciples of You.

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