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At the Feet of The Mother

Is the time for earth destruction has come?

Earth is a very special place, a special formation where the Divine Himself / Herself has manifested several times. Even the heavens do not have that privilege. Besides there have been countless seekers, saints, rishis and yogis whose tapasya has nourished and nurtured the earth with spiritual energy. It cannot be destroyed so easily, certainly not until its divine purpose is fulfilled.

What will be destroyed is the old consciousness that resists and revolts against the Divine manifestation. What will be destroyed is a humanity that is cruel and unkind, closer to the Rakshasa and Asura, men who live only for food and sexual enjoyment, men whose life is governed by lust for power and greed for money. There is indeed a large section of humanity that is closer to the animal kind in the sense that it acts without thought and is governed largely by all kinds of irrational and infra-rational impulses. This itself is not so much of a problem. It can be easily raised from here. It is the addition of mind with its crooked cunning and deceit that has made it so much worse. It is quite likely, even highly probable that this section of humanity will be destroyed by whatever means nature may devise.

But there are also many beautiful beings upon earth. There are still men of faith and courage, women who can sacrifice all and whose hearts are moved by love and kindness. There already are here children of the New Consciousness like you who have come with this wonderful aspiration to love and serve the Mother. These few are enough to keep the balance of earth’s fate tilted towards Light and Truth and Harmony and a progressive divine manifestation. If the Mother and Sri Aurobindo felt that the earth will be certainly destroyed, then they certainly would not have wasted their time and energy in saving it. They saw the possibility and hence worked towards the supramental manifestation. And now since the Supermind is here the earth’s destruction is out of question.

Everything that is happening and will happen will only push us closer towards the Goal. For the Supermind brings with it the certitude of divine victory. It is the omnipotence and the omniscience of God and hence no force, from this world or any other can annul its action or counter its power. It is growing with each passing moment and is bound to grow faster and faster until it takes over the earth completely in its fold as mind took over the animal world once.

So let us put ourselves deliberately towards the Divine with faith and courage and march steadily towards the foreseen victory of the Divine. Our role is to aspire and surrender and to grow more and more sincere. Rest will be and is being taken care by Their boundless Grace.

Alok Pandey
Pondicherry, March 22, 2020

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