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At the Feet of The Mother

Intuitive Mind, p. 271

Opening Remarks
Aswapati’s steps now lead him to the intuitive mind where intuitions and revelations pour in freely as fire-intimations from the Truth Above.

Flaming rocks of gold
In a sublimer and more daring soar
To the wide summit of the triple stairs
Bare steps climbed up like flaming rocks of gold
Burning their way to a pure absolute sky.

The Supramental Light reflected in the substance of this world. It was the wide peak of the triple stair beyond the rational Mind. A daring soar led Aswapati to this realm burning with the splendour of a close proximity to the supramental Sun. stripped of all coverings and coatings one could see here the bare truths that worked behind the apparent surface.

Sovereign Kings of Thought
August and few the sovereign Kings of Thought
Have made of Space their wide all-seeing gaze
Surveying the enormous work of Time:
A breadth of all-containing Consciousness
Supported Being in a still embrace.

These beings with their wide all-seeing gaze surveyed the far limits of Space and the enormous work of Time. Conscious of the vastness and the One Being who dwells in all these were the sovereign Kings of Thought-worlds. They ruled from there in their august splendour.

Intercessors with a luminous Unseen
Intercessors with a luminous Unseen,
They capt in the long passage to the world
The imperatives of the creator Self
Obeyed by unknowing earth, by conscious heaven;
Their thoughts are partners in its vast control.

They mediated between the shadowless Light not beheld by sight and our mortal ignorance here. Luminous heralds of the Unseen they received the imperative Truths from the great Creatrix and thereby helped Her in managing the affairs of the earth and the heavens.

A great all-ruling Consciousness
A great all-ruling Consciousness is there
And Mind unwitting serves a higher Power;
It is a channel, not the source of all.

There is an All-knowing Wisdom that works in the heart of creation even as it rules on summits beyond. Even when it is unaware, Mind is simply a channel and instrument of this All-knowing, All-ruling Consciousness and not the source or instrument of Knowledge as we ignorantly think.

Freedom and Fate
The cosmos is no accident in Time;
There is a meaning in each play of Chance,
There is a freedom in each face of Fate.

What we call Fate is neither a random play of Chance and probability, nor an ineluctable decree to which we are tied without relief. It is this All-knowing Wisdom that has gone into creation and its steps guide creation towards its far-off Goal. What we call as Chance and accident is simply our inability to comprehend the complex play of forces that have gone into creation and the deep Wisdom that drives the play through all the twists and turns of Fate. Yet if we can identify with this Wisdom through the doors of our soul we can play the game of life consciously and walk as masters of Fate rather than being its slave.

The All-knowing Guide
A Wisdom knows and guides the mysteried world;
A Truth-gaze shapes its beings and events;
A Word self-born upon creation’s heights,
Voice of the Eternal in the temporal spheres,
Prophet of the seeings of the Absolute,
Sows the Idea’s significance in Form
And from that seed the growths of Time arise.

This All-knowing Wisdom guides the world and its gaze shapes beings and events. Its power sets all things in motion from the heights and the depths of creation. It’s vision is the vision of the Absolute where there is no scope of any error. It is this Wisdom that has sown the ‘Idea’ as a seed in the heart of all creatures. It is this Idea that uses matter and its processes to build the form and endows it with qualities. It is this seed-Idea that unfolds itself through the process of Time and the complex play of forces and arrangement of events and circumstances.

Closing Remarks
The intuitive Mind is the realm where the rays of the Supramental Truth enter first and spread out as the many seed-ideas that would go into creation.

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