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At the Feet of The Mother

In the Company of Gods, pp. 236-237. Canto Nine Closing Remarks

Opening Remarks
Aswapati has earned his entry into the Paradise of the life-gods. They have become his companion and friends.

Radiant pastimes of the Unborn
A fit companion of the timeless Kings,
Equalled with the godheads of the living Suns,
He mixed in the radiant pastimes of the Unborn,
Heard whispers of the Player never seen
And listened to his voice that steals the heart
And draws it to the breast of God’s desire,
And felt its honey of felicity
Flow through his veins like the rivers of Paradise,
Made body a nectar-cup of the Absolute.

This realm closely reflects the Light of Truth that leans from the higher hemisphere of existence. Through a glow of this radiance, Aswapati now becomes a companion of the great gods who act in the flow of Time. There he could attune himself, even though momentarily, to the harps of the Eternal and experience the thrill of His voice and draw close to His breast. There he could feel the sweetness and joy of higher worlds flow through his veins making his body a cup fit for the nectar wine of felicity.

Rim of ecstasies unknown
In sudden moments of revealing flame,
In passionate responses half-unveiled
He reached the rim of ecstasies unknown;
A touch supreme surprised his hurrying heart,
The clasp was remembered of the Wonderful,
And hints leaped down of white beatitudes.

Purified and cleansed of the heavy earthly dross he experienced moments of sudden illumination, almost touching the rim of ecstasy that lie beyond in the higher hemisphere. His heart was often surprised by the touch and clasp of the Wonderful and hints of the beatitude Beyond were felt and experienced by him.

Eternity drew close
Eternity drew close disguised as Love
And laid its hand upon the body of Time.

Thus the eternal drew close to his being in the guise of Love and laid Its hands upon the flow of Time.

A little gift
A little gift comes from the Immensitudes,
But measureless to life its gain of joy;
All the untold Beyond is mirrored there.

Measureless though the joy of this world, it is but a little reflection of the Bliss that lies Beyond. It is a gift from the vast Immensitudes that stretch out far even from this high realm.

The rapture of the gods
A giant drop of the Bliss unknowable
Overwhelmed his limbs and round his soul became
A fiery ocean of felicity;
He foundered drowned in sweet and burning vasts:
The dire delight that could shatter mortal flesh,
The rapture that the gods sustain he bore.

This rapture experienced by the gods, this elixir of immortality that they drink is but a drop of the Bliss that is the origin and fount of Creation. Overwhelmed by this fiery ocean of felicity his being foundered and drowned in its sweet and burning vasts. He was surrounded by and bore the rapture and delight that only the gods can bear for long.

Immortal pleasure
Immortal pleasure cleansed him in its waves
And turned his strength into undying power.
Immortality captured Time and carried Life.

Drinking deep from the god’s cup of felicity, he grew in purity and strength. Cleansed of sin his being reached out towards immortality and stamped itself on the flow of Time and the rhythms of life.

Closing Remarks
This is the grand culmination of this high and wonderful realm where one finds some reflection of the Beatitude and Bliss of the Divine and bathes in its purifying rapturous sweet, burning joy.


Closing Remarks for the Canto
Aswapati has moved through the Paradise of Life-Gods. It is the state where one arrives having faced and the wounds and pangs of Hell and yet not succumbing to its assaults of fear and pain. To such a warrior soul this comes as a gift and a temporary rest and release. It is a state of perpetual joy where one forgets the wounds that were inflicted and the pain that was borne. And yet this is not all our soul can climb. Beyond these heavens are greater vistas of light and peace and bliss. It is towards these that his quest must turn.

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