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At the Feet of The Mother

“Homage to Sri Aurobindo” Part 1 – A Seer was Born (video clip)

This short video clip opens three-part “Homage to Sri Aurobindo” series and is based on lines from the Savitri.

Video was produced in 2012 by Wilfried Schuh, who is leading a very significant effort to make Savitri and other works of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother accessible and known to German spiritual seekers ( , and


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Some say that the number of child prodigies is increasing considerably, and some — even among Americans — say it is the influence and work of Sri Aurobindo, and others say it is a result of atom bombs!
You must really get rid of this idea that you are imagining things like the silence and wideness; an experience is not untrue because it is vague. If it is vague at first, it will deepen and intensify afterwards....