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At the Feet of The Mother

Golden Figure Enveloping Auroville – Champaklal

Visions and inner experiences recorded by Champaklal between 1978 and 1987.


Unexpectedly, again on 4th January 1979 I had an occasion to go to Matrimandir.

As we reached there, brother Gerard came forward affectionately with a smiling face and welcomed us with the words “Hallo, Champaklal!” he told me, “There is a friend and he will show you everything. It is already arranged.”

This time we walked about in the lower part of the construction and could have seen all, but as there was not much time at our disposal we saw only as much as was possible.

The atmosphere is such that one would not like to move from there. It holds us fast like a magnet. It is a splendid elevating atmosphere, calm and grandly beautiful, such as one would not like to leave. But as we had to go to our brother Narad’s garden, there was not enough time to be detained there, and so we left after remaining as much as it was possible to do.

The Matrimandir that I saw this time was superb, wonderful beyond imagination. I saw above Matrimandir, standing in space, a huge figure reaching the heavens and enveloping the whole of Auroville. It could be described only as extremely majestic and grand, immeasurably vast, stupendous, exceedingly resplendent, scintillating, golden, radiant and with an absolutely fascinating form. One by one innumerable hands arose from each part of the body of that figure. Little by little, the figure began to rise up and up and, as it did so, hands appeared on its lower part also. After a while the figure gradually began to descend. At this time all its palms were open and spread out in space. A crystalline liquid was spreading forth everywhere from those palms. It was a very bright glistening liquid and it covered all Matrimandir and then, from Matrimandir itself, streams of that crystalline liquid began to emerge and the whole of Auroville was turned into a large lake filled with that liquid.

Far off countless men, boys and girls were visible on all the four sides and they were watching with joy the crystalline lake. At last they began to enter into the lake one by one. Some of them were floating above while some were merged inside; but the liquid was so transparent that all the persons were visible.

Then that multi-handed figure came out of the lake, but this time, instead of hands, all its body was full of eyes. Afterwards the figure in the form of a golden light began to ascend, and mid-way it became stationary. Then, like rays from the sun, golden light spread out from the figure and began to spread all around.

Then lo! there was no lake. In its place, there was a big beautiful garden. At different places, the buildings were bright with that golden light. The atmosphere was full of fragrance of many kinds spreading out from many flowers. Along with this was heard the ringing of many bells accompanied by sweet music.

The vision ended, but it is not adequately rendered into words.



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