Decision Making (TE 285)

This talk deals with the various aspects of decision making. The following topics were briefly touched upon:
– Choices and Consequences; Making a Conscious Choice
– Discovering a True Self behind the ego-self
– Thoughts, Desires, Emotions driving our actions, and Reason justifying them
– Immediate and long-term results of the action
– Transitory Aims and the Eternal Aim
– A True Individual impulsion
– Courage and sincerity needed to follow the Call
– Practical advices for making a decision
– Keeping an eye on the Goal.

I am not a Bhakta, I am not a Jnani, I am not a worker for the Lord. What am I then? A tool in the hands of my Master, a flute blown upon by the divine Herd-Boy, a leaf driven by the breath of the Lord.

[Sri Aurobindo, Thoughts and Aphorisms, No 408]

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