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Closing Remarks for the Book

Book Two with its fifteen cantos comes to a close now. It describes Aswapati’s journey through the ladder of consciousness that climbs towards the Infinite. He crosses the triple world and discovers their laws and beings and influence upon earth. He navigates through their high and low points, sounds their limits and passes further. He then discovers the core of creation, its secret Soul.

Now is he ready to go further into the Beyond since his search is not over and he has not yet found the perfect answer to his aspiration to save earth and man. To find that alchemist Energy, that Key to all doors he must undertake the adventure of the Unknowable.

Aswapati is now one with the great Gods. His consciousness has grown immeasurably vast. The crawl of the finite mind is closing and entering into the Infinite. One more step and he would be in the Supermind.
The many gods are aspects of the One. As creation descends towards lower and lower levels each of these gods seems to assume a separate personality. But in the Divine Consciousness they are all harmoniously united in the One.