The Transmutation, pp. 231-232

Aswapati conquered the heart of Night and found the secrets of the Abyss. Thence he discovered the Wisdom working in the mask of Ignorance and the key to Nature’s change

A Dark Philosophy, p. 229

It is a dark philosophy that makes sorrow seem to be the path to the Divine. Of course one must face sorrow when it comes but to make it an object by itself is a dark philosophy. Tragedy, sorrow, suffering are not what the Divine wants in this world.

A Dark Religion, pp. 228-229

Religions that inspire fear are among the most susceptible to being captured by the dark forces. This is especially so when the founder is gone and it is left to ignorant men to interpret his words.

The Warrior Soul, p. 227

The journey of yoga requires one to be a warrior soul since one has to meet enormous inner and outer challenges. This is true of all authentic yoga but much more so of the yoga of transformation.

The Sons of Darkness, pp. 226-227

There are not only forces but beings whose very task is to oppose God. Creating chaos and confusion in the world they help the Night to triumph and disorder to harden into Law. They invoke the powers of darkness to sustain and strengthen them.

The Enemies of God, p.225-226

In a sense there cannot be any enemy of God since all is He. But in the process of becoming and while discovering a dynamic principle of action we can see that there are forces and powers that are aligned to the Divine Will and help the great unfolding as also there are other forces that distract and pervert the original Will and oppose the great Plan.

Ruin of a Soul, pp. 224-225

The spiritual life is full of its own dangers due to these forces of darkness and falsehood that chase and cling to an aspirant’s feet. A great persistence, vigilance and sincerity are needed to pass through the devious traps laid down by the forces of Evil on the way.

The Dire Antagonist Energy, p. 223-224

Embedded in creation is the force that opposes our evolutionary advance. It keeps pulling the soul back towards the dark Inconscient out of which it rises towards Freedom, Unity, Peace, Light and Bliss.

The Inconceivable Purpose, p. 223

It is indeed inconceivable as to the why and wherefore of Evil and darkness and error with our limited human intelligence absorbed in the outward and the immediate. Yet the Wisdom that works in the heart of Night is real and serves a purpose in the grand scheme of things.