The Missing Piece, pp. 187-188

Though the larger vital worlds are endowed with much more power and possibilities than we can imagine upon earth, yet there is something crucial missing there. Though large in scope, powerful in action, yet it lacks oneness and hence it is still a world of ignorance.

Cults of the Vital worlds, pp. 185-186

These are some of the characteristics of the vital world: expansion, taste of the extremes, seeking for power and joy. The larger vital, the greater life grows through these things towards its great goal.

Grand and Sublime Impulses, pp. 184-185

We see here a description of the Intermediate Zone through which the aspirants to the beyond must pass. It is a realm that can easily confuse the seeker who can mistake ‘extreme’ of things for Truth and believe himself to be waging a just and righteous war while all the time labouring in the law of ignorance. Yet this illusion may provide a foothold for further ascension if one follows the lead of the Ideal and keeps the aspiration for Truth intact.

Human Beings Touched by the Greater Life, pp. 183-184

The beings of this greater life are wider in their consciousness and have the ring of a greater vision and power around them than ordinary human life. The circle of their influence is large and the sphere of their action extends beyond their little personal life.

Beings of a Larger Life Kingdom, p. 183

A greater life awaits us beyond our struggling everyday life of dead routine and common acts. Though not yet Divine, it reflects some touch of divinity and awakens us to the higher truths above.

A Wonder Realm, pp.182-183

This higher vital world is stirred by profound energies and forces sublime that draw their impulsion from some deep source. Yet it is a reflected Truth, not the One original Reality and Power.

The Works of Life, pp. 181-182

Life has descended from its own true Home into the darkness, ignorance and unconscious inertia of earth nature. She has laboured long to find the key of her redemption and of matter along with it. All her labour is to discover the Power that is hidden in her own deepest core.

The Indefatigable Power, pp. 180-181

The force of life refuses to give up even in the face of stiff resistance by matter. This is the great epic of Life moving and filling each form with the will to grow and create and evolve towards a yet unseen end.

Life is Everywhere, pp. 179-180

Life is everywhere, expressed or unexpressed. It creates different means for its manifestation. We see here the immortal nature of Life and its power to create everywhere. It builds the forms by its breath imparting force to things inert. It arouses forces from their sleep and urges them to endure and to create.

The Law of Vital Worlds, pp. 178-179

Each world is governed by its own inherent and intrinsic law. Its beings and creatures as well as those who act under its influence come under this law and experience things accordingly.

The Far-off Unseen End, p. 178

This world of little life seems to be a failure when seen from one angle. But that is an error of sight. Each is a step in an inevitable chain that climbs towards the Eternal. This is a step that the force and power of Life takes in its upward ascension.

The Labour of Life, pp. 177-178

The powers of Life having emerged out of the breast of the Eternal’s Luminous Force labour here to bring something of that Glory from where she has come, out of which she is born. It is a long and painstaking labour of love.

The Ladder of Possibilities, pp. 176-177

Life is in perpetual motion. There is within it the Witness Spirit whose power drives and pushes it towards greater and greater heights. The kingdom of little life is but a step that evolves further into the kingdom of Greater Life.

Might of the Secret Spirit, pp. 175-176

Sri Aurobindo once again brings us back to the central truth that this world is a progressive manifestation of the Spirit. It is the Divine who is expressing Himself through the symbol forms of the universe.

Kingdom of the Morning Star, p. 175

Climbing further from this dream land Aswapati enters a realm where day and night meet. The sun has not yet arisen but there is some kind of hope and guidance from the high heavens beyond. Out of the fantasy land we move into a realm that seeks to realise what it dreams of.

A Field of Imaginations and Desires, pp. 174-175

This dream world is where some half-baked aspirants get trapped, especially those who are secretly ambition and desire. Unable to put the required effort for purification or face the battle within and without, they create a fantasy land of ‘half-truths, half lies’ and live like one deluded who knows not his own deceit.