The Hidden Springs of Life, pp. 160-162

We live in a small and narrow zone of consciousness. We are unaware of the occult commerce of life that goes on unnoticed by our surface mind. We act and think it as our own actions but what we do not know are the forces that push us from behind.

The Hidden Glory, pp. 159-160

There is a glory of life hidden and concealed behind its littleness. It will slowly unfold with passage of time through the long process of a difficult evolution.

The Dreams of Life, p. 159

Life is here to build divinity through transient perishable things. It is this that she dreams and her dream slowly unfolds as evolution in earthly life. Earth dreams in man, and through man aspires for higher things.

Emergence of the Animal-Man, pp. 158-159

Slowly out of the plant life emerges the life of the beast and then the animal-man closer to the animal kind. Thus man emerges out of the beast, a strange mixture of the brute and the yet to emerge developed humanity.

The Dance of Energy, p. 156

Behind it all one can sense the dance of a stupendous Energy whose footsteps throw these whorls and patterns giving birth to the elements of creation. This is the story of the great unfolding of the universe which is ever in motion and constant progression.

Mystery of the Five Elements, pp. 155-156

Matter is composed of certain invisible forces that come together to weave forms. These are the five subtle elements that work together within every form. Sri Aurobindo now reveals to us the sequence and the process.

The Sleep of Creation, pp. 154-155

Sri Aurobindo now takes us to the very origin of creation when it is still asleep under the drowse of the Inconscience. This is the state of the material world before the great adventure of life begins.

The Truth behind Chaos and Confusion, pp. 153-154

The earth we inhabit is built of heterogenous elements borrowed from all the different worlds. Among these are also the forces of little life and subconscient worlds that create confusion and disorder. The key therefore is to discover our soul and be governed by it.

Field of Action of the Lower Vital World, pp. 152-153

This little life is not limited to its domain. It extends onto other domains and casts a great influence on human lives as well. By revealing to us its nature and law of action, Sri Aurobindo is abundantly cautioning us so that we do not fall into their snare.

Restless and Uncouth, pp.151-152

What has been summarily described here are the beings of the lower vital world and their action. What will follow is a detailed understanding of these creatures and their action in different spheres of earthly life.