The Struggle of Life, pp. 136-137

The real struggle of life is not the struggle for survival or competing with other forms but rather, the struggle against the Inconscient resistance that deforms and denies. This is also the root of suffering that life experiences in bird and beast and man.

The Deformation, pp. 135-136

The dark deforming power that opposes the Divine plan takes hold of the force of life in its beginnings upon earth and twists it into something dark and even ugly.

The Birth of Life, p. 135

Life emerges out of matter as if out of some dark obscure cave. Thus begins the slow ascension of life towards her divine home. In the process she carries matter transforming it into shapes and forms closer and closer to the divine Idea.

The Ascent and Journey of Life, pp. 134-135

Life starts its journey through many pathways of ignorance, aided by its own instinct towards Truth and Freedom and Bliss. Now helped by the gods, now struggling alone she drives upon the pathways carved for her by Fate.

The Awakening Impulsion of Life, p. 134

Now life begins to stir and awaken and emerge from the depths of matter. Matter is filled with the dreams and impulsions of life. Life’s first steps towards evolutionary journey are taken in ignorance.

The Troubled Passage in Man, pp. 132-133

Man is torn between two very different forces so to say, one that prods and pushes him to advance and progress and another which pulls him to the inertia of his base. We see here the journey of human life being mapped out.