The Course of Progress in Yoga: the Rise and the Fall pp 34-35

The journey and process of yoga is not a straight line but a wave-form with rise and fall and rise again. This is the general course of the process of Integral yoga: the soul ascends to a higher level and then returns back with the light and power gained to lift up the nature as well.

The Witness Self and Mastery over Nature pp 32-34

No more tied to the surfaces of life, aware of the One Self that hides behind all names and forms, we discover the state of Peace and Joy that comes from this vast inner Freedom. A new and vast Knowledge begins to pour upon us from Above revealing all things a New Light.

An Inner Shift p 32

The road to Self-Realisation undertaken by Aswapati is through a stilling of the Mind leading to an ascension into a vast, luminous and powerful Silence Above.

The One and the Many pp 31-32

“How does our self-experience and world-experience change when we are identified with the Cosmic Spirit? We are given a brief glimpse of this state in the lines that follow.”

Expansion of Consciousness pp 30-31

What is being described now is a result of the expansion and growth of consciousness that is taking place in the seer-king Aswapati during the course of his yoga. His ascension is marked by new discoveries.

The Higher Worlds pp 28-30

With the release of consciousness from the strong grip of Matter, we discover new faculties and begin to experience the realms hidden behind the physical world.

Contact with the Kingdom of the Gods pp 27-28

“The Seer-king Aswapati now ascends to the higher planes. He leaves the limits and boundaries of terrestrial nature, and enters the domain of the Gods, who preside over creation and its various aspects and functioning as powers of the One.”

Awakening of Latent Powers pp 26-27

“There are hidden powers and latent possibilities within each one of us. They begin to awake under pressure of the Light growing within us. The transforming Power, the Divine Shakti liberates what is imprisoned within us.”

Vastness and Light pp 25-26

The Vedic seers saw the Truth as a Vast, luminous consciousness, a limitless Existence beyond dualities of the mind and the ego. This is the next ascension that Aswapati undergoes, and the first step towards the building of a deeper, higher and truer life within us.

Birth of a Seer pp 24-25

The very first stages of transformation, the transformation of the Mind of Ignorance into a Mind of Light, are now being described in the passages that follow. This initial step leads us to a freedom from Ignorance, as the ignorant human mind gets transformed into the mind of a seer.

Human life – a preparation p 24

Human life as we experience now, in our ignorance, is not the final intended act of Nature. It is a stage, a transition, a rather long preparation, often through much struggle and suffering, for divinity, for the divine unfolding in and through man as an intermediary link.

Growth into the integral Godhead pp 23-24

“In a summary way, we are being shown the core process and the final result of the Supramental Transformation, – the discovery of the psychic being and becoming a conscious instrument of the Divine, a progressive opening and surrender to the Divine Mother and a growing oneness with Her.”

The Flame of God or the Psychic Being p 23

The psychic being leads man from birth to birth, through the doors of death, in numberless names and forms until man the individual grows into an image true of God. Aswapati himself has traced this journey through many lives until he has become the center of the Divine Descent.

Opening Remarks

Thus far, in Cantos One and Two of Book One, we have been given a brief background of Savitri’s work. It is a cosmic work that she has undertaken, against which are arraigned powers of darkness that do not wish to see the Advent and growth of Light upon earth.

Closing Remarks for Book One Canto II

Thus we see in this brief but succinct Canto not only a glimpse of Savitri’s divine personality, the purpose and mission of her birth, but in a wider sense the purpose of our own birth in this play of Space and Time.

The Triumph of Fire p. 21

Thus ends this powerful canto that in a way summarises Savitri’s work and mission and brings us in touch with the Divine Mother’s being. Savitri the book and Savitri the incarnate Divine Mother, whose touch we receive through the book, become thereby a means for our own liberation and transformation.