The Problem of Equanimity and Action (HH 234)

Among the various paradoxes offered to the spiritual seeker one such is whether to accept things as they are or else to strive towards change. As we rise into a deeper and wider consciousness, these apparently opposite tendencies begin to resolve and reconcile. Today we read the Mother’s words to guide us through this journey.

Coma (HH 233)

There are special spheres of human experience where our Science cannot yet reach and its instruments fail to register anything substantial. One such realm is death, another is of coma. Today we shall take up the issue of coma.

The Physical Yoga (HH 232)

The Mother and Sri Aurobindo have given an entirely new sense to the yoga. Vast and complex in its all-inclusive totality, its process remains easy and simple. Today we shall take up one aspect of just one dimension of this yoga, the physical yoga.

Mastery over the Body (HH 231)

Today we share a story where a person in the face of inner distress took to a most unconventional way to bring out the powers latent within himself. The important element in this story seems to be an intense urge to know and to master.

Equilibrium (HH 230)

The Mother spoke of this creation as the creation of a progressive equilibrium and hence it will escape the general law of dissolution or pralaya that has been the fate previous six creations so far. We dwell a little deeper on this subject of Equilibrium with the help of the Mother.

Divine Perfection in a Collectivity (HH 229)

To bring down and establish the Divine Perfection upon Earth in a collective setting is a seemingly impossible task. Yet the Mother and Sri Aurobindo have taken up this work too and slowly the world is moving towards it.

Lila or The Divine Play (HH 227)

What attitude should we take in a world besieged with cruelty and evil? What exactly is this lila of Krishna that is difficult to understand? These are some of the questions we take up today.

Christ and Krishna (HH 226)

Just as Lord Rama brought the Sattwic mind into the earth play, so too Sri Krishna and Christ, as Avatars, bring divine gifts to the world. Each brings a new possibility, a new element into the Play.

Science and Spirituality (HH 224)

The question of science meeting spirituality remains unresolved. Surely a time must come when these two lines will unite. We need to wait for that hour without haste or impatience. It is against this background that we shall read something from the Mother and Sri Aurobindo on this issue.

On Accidents (HH 223)

Accidents are a major source of suffering which one feels were quite avoidable. While one has to tackle this at different levels and find ways and means to reduce accidents, there is always something that we can do from our side to diminish its possibility and also the after-effects.

Anniversary of Sri Aurobindo’s Return to India (HH 222)

Sri Aurobindo’s return to India (6th Feb 1893) marks the beginning of a new era for India and the preparatory phase of Sri Aurobindo’s tapasya which He will engage with in Pondicherry. This tapasya is going to have wide and far reaching consequences for earth and humanity.

Champaklal – The Mother’s Lion (HH 221)

Champaklal was the living embodiment of the fire of yoga, aspiration and devotion, fusing into divine service. He was born to serve Them and it seems that like Hanuman, he came along with the Divine Avatara with a very specific work. 2nd February (1903) marks his birthday.