Faith and the Grace

One must watch over one’s faith as one watches over the birth of something infinitely precious, and protect it very carefully from everything that can impair it.

The Ego and Self-Giving (2)

The more you give yourself to the Divine the more He is with you, totally, constantly, at every minute, in all your thoughts, all your needs, and there is no aspiration which does not receive an immediate answer.

The Ego and Self-Giving (1)

This sense of one’s own person becomes a kind of cage, a prison which shuts you in, prevents you from being true, from knowing truly, acting truly, understanding truly.

The Spirit and the Psychic Being (3)

The psychic being is a progressive being, which means that the relation between the psychic being and the Truth is a progressive one. It is not possible to become aware of one’s psychic being without becoming aware at the same time of the inner Truth.

The Spirit and the Psychic Being (2)

The psychic being is the real individuality of the true and divine individual within you. For your individuality means your special mode of expression and your psychic being is a special aspect of the one Divine Consciousness that has taken shape in you.

The Spirit and the Psychic Being (1)

There is a reality which is beyond all our expressions, but which we can succeed in contacting by practising a discipline. We can identify ourselves with it. Once one is identified with it one knows what it is, but one cannot express it, for words cannot say it.

Peace and Quiet

Men have a feeling that if they are not all the time running about and bursting into fits of feverish activity, they are doing nothing. It is an illusion to think that all these so-called movements change things.

Receptivity and Aspiration

Aspiration in everyone, no matter who it is, has the same power. But the effect of this aspiration is different. For aspiration is aspiration: if you have aspiration, in itself it has a power.

Other Persons and Forces (2)

Do not lend yourself to the superficial forces which move in the outside world. … Never decide anything without stepping back, never speak a word without stepping back, never throw yourself into action without stepping back.

Other Persons and Forces (1)

This world is a world of conflict, suffering, difficulty, strain; it is made of it. It has not yet changed, it will take some time before changing. … If you lean back on the presence of the Supreme Grace, that is the only way out.

Surrender, Self-Offering, Humility (2)

True humility is humility before the Divine, that is, a precise, exact, living sense that one is nothing, one can do nothing, understand nothing without the Divine, that even if one is exceptionally intelligent and capable … .

Surrender, Self-Offering, Humility (1)

Surrender is the decision taken to hand over the responsibility of your life to the Divine. Without this decision nothing is at all possible; if you do not surrender, the Yoga is entirely out of the question.