20.3 The Possibility of Perfection

It is obvious that the most dominant characteristic of matter is inertia, and that, if there were not this violence, perhaps the individual consciousness would be so inert that rather than change it would accept to live in a perpetual imperfection…

20.1 The Progress of Humanity

A new life must be built. Then all these difficulties that seemed so unsurmountable — oh! they fall of themselves. When you can live in light and joy, are you going to cling to shadow and suffering?                                                                        

19.3 A New World Is Born

The whole life will be the expression, the flowering into forms of the divine Unity manifesting in the world. And there will no longer be what men now call gods.

19.1 The Supramental (2/2)

Q: What will be the altitude of the superman towards man? A: What is the attitude of man towards the animal? No, let us hope that he [the superman] is a little more kind! (Laughter) <>

19.1 The Supramental (1/2)

There are people who love adventure. It is these I call, and I tell them this: “I invite you to the great adventure.” It is not a question of repeating spiritually what others have done before us, for our adventure begins beyond that. It is a question of a new Read More

18.9 Transformation of the Body

When the physical disorder comes, one must not be afraid; one must not run away from it, must face it with courage, calmness, confidence, with the certitude that illness is a falsehood. …

18.8 Sincerity

There is a moment in one’s individual life, also a moment in the collective life when one belongs to a group, a moment when the choice must be made, when the purification must be done. Sometimes this becomes very serious, it is almost a question of life and death for the group … <>

18.7 Surrender

In our Yoga there is no room for sacrifice. But everything depends on the meaning you put on the word. In its pure sense it means a consecrated giving, a making sacred to the Divine.

18.6 Aspiration

One may have an aspiration and transcribe it as a prayer, but aspiration goes beyond prayer in every way. It is much closer and much more as it were self-forgetful, living only in the thing one wants to be or do, and the offering of all that one wants to do to the Divine. ..

18.5 A Reversal of Consciousness

… it will be like that for everybody, for the whole universe: it goes on and on, it moves forward very slowly, and then one moment, all of a sudden, it will be done, finished — not finished: it’s the beginning!

18.4 Realisation of the Psychic Being

… if you enter consciously into the psychic, it is dazzling; and it is within your reach because it is your own psychic being, and yet it is so different from your external consciousness that the first time you enter it consciously, it seems to you truly dazzling, something infinitely more brilliant than the most brilliant sunlight.

18.3 The Spiritual Hierarchy

…. the Divine is everything. You can’t take a piece of the Divine and say, “This is the Divine.” And yet, in his spiritual consciousness each one has a perfect relation with the Divine

18.2 The Individual and the Collectivity

You are fifty persons doing the Integral Yoga. If it is only one of the fifty who is doing it, then he does it for all the fifty. But if each one of the fifty is doing it, each doing it for all the fifty, he does it actually for one person alone, because all do it for all.

18.1 An Integral Transformation

You cannot say, “When I am meditating, reading philosophy or listening to these conversations I will be in this condition of an opening towards the Light and call for it, but when I go out to walk or see friends I can allow myself to forget all about it.” <>