LP19 One


The life of a tree,
The life in a clod,
To the Life of all life
That men call God.

LP20 In a Mounting as of Sea-Tides

In a Mounting as of Sea-Tides

My heart climbs up towards thee, O unimaginable Wonder and Resplendence,
In a striving for the caress of thy Light and for the embrace of thy Presence.

LP22 Flame-Wind


Gold in the mind and the life-flame’s red
Make of the heavens a splendour, the earth a blaze,
But the white and rose of the heart are dead.
Flame-wind, pass! I will wait for Love in the silent ways.

LP23 The Cosmic Man

The Cosmic Man

Man’s numberless misdeeds and rare good deeds take place within my single self.
I am the beast he slays, the bird he feeds and saves.
The thoughts of unknown minds exalt me with their thrill,
I carry the sorrow of millions in my lonely breast.

LP24 The Island Sun

The Island Sun

The Light was still around me
When I came back to earth
Bringing the Immortal’s knowledge
Into man’s cave of birth. 

LP25 Despair on the Staircase

Despair on the Staircase

An animal creature wonderfully human,
A charm and miracle of fur-footed Brahman,
Whether she is spirit, woman or a cat,
Is now the problem I am wondering at.

LP27 The Children of Wotan

The Children of Wotan

We are the javelins of Destiny, we are the children of Wotan,
We are the human Titans, the supermen dreamed by the sage.
A cross of the beast and demoniac with the godhead of power and will,
We were born in humanity’s sunset, to the Night is our pilgrimage.

LP28 Ocean Oneness

Ocean Oneness

Someone broods there nameless and bodiless,
Conscious and lonely, deathless and infinite,
And, sole in a still eternal rapture,
Gathers all things to his heart for ever.

LP31 The Dream Boat

The Dream Boat

Who was it that came to me in a boat made of dream-fire,
With his flame brow and his sun-gold body?

LP29 The River

The River

Calm yet shall release thee; an immense peace
and a large streaming of white silence,
Broad plains shall be thine, greenness surround thee,
and wharved cities and life’s labour

LP34 Descent


All my cells thrill swept by a surge of splendour,
Soul and body stir with a mighty rapture,
Light and still more light like an ocean billows
Over me, round me.

LP35 The Lost Boat

The Lost Boat

Not with one moment of sharp close or the slow fall of a dim curtain the play ceases:
Yet is there Time to be crossed, lives to be lived out, the unplayed acts of the soul’s drama.

LP36 Renewal


To the lives sundered can Time bring rejoining,
Love that was slain be reborn with the body?
In the mind null, from the heart’s chords rejected,
Lost to the sense, but the spirit remembers!