2.34 What is the Way to Approach the Radical Remedy?

On the one hand, we need to explore the boundaries of Nature, of our latent capacities. On the other, we must find the key to open the doors of what is beyond Nature, beyond our constitution and personality. As a third step, we have to unite these two.

2.29 What is this Play of Forces?

Like all great transitions, it is a period of great upheaval, confusion and apparent disorder. The struggle of forces is becoming more and more acute. This brings to the surface deeply hidden resistances, new and old diseases, social and psychological pathologies, but also new forms of creativity and ways of life, new possibilities.

2.25-2.26 Healing though Hypnosis and Regression Therapy

Mental power and spiritual power are two different things. Hypnosis works through ‘thoughts, suggestions and mental will’. There are several ways of working with mental power. The principle of hypnosis is essentially the principle of selective concentration.

2.24 How does the higher consciousness operate and how can one acquire it? Is this what is called a miracle?

The force that heals or performs the miracle has to reckon with the nature of the instrument, the human being who, by virtue of having a personal will and a great inner complexity, is not like inanimate object. It is not enough to ask for a miracle, it is also necessary to be ready and prepared for one, for a miracle is neither a magical illusion nor an arbitrary working of a power.

2.17 What is the true remedy for this human condition?

The real cause of disease is the imperfection of embodied life, which is unable to keep pace with the evolutionary pressure. Therefore the true remedy, the surest and most radical way to get rid of all diseases is to open our body and mind with an increasing receptivity and plasticity to the Divine Consciousness and the divine forces of a higher order.

2.15-2.16 Meaning and Significance of the ‘Higher Consciousness”

The soul is a miniature seed of the Divine Consciousness. It is the individual divinity in us and if developed and brought to the forefront of human evolution, it can unlock the mystery of this universal play. It is also the master key to open the doors of the Divine in us and beyond this universe thereby calling down an intervention from Above.

2.13 – 2.14 Where is the Proof that a Higher Consciousness Exists?

The proof of a higher consciousness comes from living experience of countless mystics, saints and seers. But the higher consciousness has not yet stabilized and generalised itself in humanity. Though individuals have time and again experienced these dimensions, for the vast majority it is still in the realm of possibility.

2.7-2.8 Role of the Diet; Vitamins and Cholesterol

Perhaps the best advice is to eat in moderation, without greed, at regular times, a tastefully balanced diet with all the essential nutrients prepared hygienically and above all, to offer it to God and receive it as prasada. This would be the best diet.