I. HYMNS — Hymn to Durga

A new weekly series – Sri Aurobindo’s Writings in Bengali, in English translation. This book contains numerous short writings of rare power and beauty, many of which are not well known (which doesn’t apply to Durga Stotra, of course).

I. HYMNS — Hymn to Dawn

Lo, dawn, the Beloved, appears in her gleaming young body. She impels all Life on the path towards the goal. Fire, the Divine Force, is born to be kindled in man. Dawn drives away all Darkness and fulfils herself in creating Light.


A poor man was sitting in a dark hut thinking of his miseries and of the injustice and wrongs that could be found in this world of God’s making. … Shyamsundar(Krishna) is very tricky; luckily he does not reveal himself to me, otherwise I would teach him such a lesson that he would stop playing these tricks.”

II. STORIES — The Ideal of Forgiveness

Vishvamitra was beside himself with rage. He could not concentrate on his tapasyā. He had vowed that if Vashishtha did not acknowledge him as a Brahmarshi that day, he would kill him. To carry out this resolve, he armed himself with a sword as he left his hermitage. …