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At the Feet of The Mother

About Savitri | B1C1-19 The Slow Gradual Working (p.9)


At first life grieved not in her burdened breast:
On the lap of earth’s original somnolence
Inert, released into forgetfulness,
Prone it reposed, unconscious on mind’s verge,
Obtuse and tranquil like the stone and star.
In a deep cleft of silence twixt two realms
She lay remote from grief, unsawn by care,
Nothing recalling of the sorrow here.
Then a slow faint remembrance shadowlike moved,
And sighing she laid her hand upon her bosom
And recognised the close and lingering ache,
Deep, quiet, old, made natural to its place,
But knew not why it was there nor whence it came.

This is the description of the effect on the Consciousness when it descends in the material world. There is so much inertia in this world that the Consciousness gets faint, remote, uncertain. It is a general happening. All the beings from above that take birth in this world have the same experience. It takes a long time to remember what they are, from where they come, and get back their conscious movement and conscious knowing.
And even when they remember, there is a kind of dulling down of the knowledge. It is no more so clear, so vivid, so intense. Everything gets dulled down. But the effort is just by bringing more and more often something of the Higher Realms of Consciousness to wake up a response in the Matter in such a way that little by little its very nature will change, and instead of being dull and unconscious, it will wake up to a conscious response.
This is just the work that is going on and will go on until this Matter is transformed and capable of manifesting the Supreme Consciousness from which it comes.

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