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At the Feet of The Mother

A Greatness Yet Unreached, pp. 198-199

Opening Remarks
Life is a greatness not yet realised. It carries within it the seed of Divine Perfection and hence there is within us an urge towards Perfection. The seed within us drives us eventually on the roads of life looking for and seeking what we carry within.

Lost glory
There quivers still within her breast and ours
A glory that was once and is no more,
Or there calls to us from some unfulfilled beyond
A greatness yet unreached by the halting world.

The heart of life and our own still carries the faint memory of that glory now lost. A call is upon us from unseen heights to dare the ‘impossible’ and realise the perfection not yet achieved.

A dream of larger happier air
In a memory behind our mortal sense
A dream persists of larger happier air
Breathing around free hearts of joy and love,
Forgotten by us, immortal in lost Time.

Though we have forgotten that high state from where life fell, it cannot be erased completely and is bound to return again and again until we have realised this perfect state. It visits us in dreams of a larger, happier, freer world, an ideal world filled with joy and love.

A ghost of bliss
A ghost of bliss pursues her haunted depths;
For she remembers still, though now so far,
Her realm of golden ease and glad desire
And the beauty and strength and happiness that were hers
In the sweetness of her glowing paradise,
In her kingdom of immortal ecstasy
Half-way between God’s silence and the Abyss.

Life has emerged from the Divine Bliss and hence it is naturally drawn towards that high Godlike state of its birth. Yet far from her home she struggles to realise once again what she has lost except as traces of memory and an intuitive faith in the possibility of divine ease and peace, beauty and sweetness, strength and joy that one finds on her godlike peaks that lie between the Silence Above and the abyss below.

Hidden knowledge
This knowledge in our hidden parts we keep;
Awake to a vague mystery’s appeal,
We meet a deep unseen Reality
Far truer than the world’s face of present truth:
We are chased by a self we cannot now recall
And moved by a Spirit we must still become.

This knowledge of a greater self of life that we must discover and become one with is already there in our secret parts. It is this that draws us in search of a hidden Divine Reality, now unseen. Once encountered, we find it more real than our present reality, more true than our present perception of truth. Driven by the breath of the Spirit we are moving towards that greater becoming.

God-phase of our birth
As one who has lost the kingdom of his soul,
We look back to some god-phase of our birth
Other than this imperfect creature here
And hope in this or a diviner world
To recover yet from Heaven’s patient guard
What by our mind’s forgetfulness we miss,
Our being’s natural felicity,
Our heart’s delight we have exchanged for grief,
The body’s thrill we bartered for mere pain,
The bliss for which our mortal nature yearns
As yearns an obscure moth to blazing Light.

At present we live a maimed life, an imperfect existence. Yet we seek to find once again our origin and the source which is the Divine and all the perfection and joy that we seek. It is there within our soul as a seed. We hope that one day we shall indeed arrive at a state of divine ease, a spontaneous state of delight which we have exchanged for grief and pain. Even our body shall discover this higher state of natural bliss which we now try to seek so imperfectly and ignorantly that only ends up multiplying our pain. As a moth we yearn towards that light which our mind has lost.

A victory never won
Our life is a march to a victory never won.

Though the face of victory still eludes us we continue to march towards it with hope and faith in our hearts.

Closing Remarks
His is the great journey of life, the epic of our soul’s adventure moving progressively towards Light and Freedom and Bliss and Immortality through a battle against their very opposites.

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