2.34 What is the Way to Approach the Radical Remedy?

First of all, an exclusive either/or approach must go. This is happening already as the mutual distrust between modern medicine and alternate systems is being replaced by a certain degree of adjustment and accommodation. There is also a growing acceptance of ‘spirituality’ in life, though confusion still exists between contact with the authentic spiritual consciousness and those mixed forces and energies of the intermediary worlds of mind, life and body. The unchastened modern mind, with little or no experience of deeper things and with the haste and impatience of our times easily mistakes all that is paranormal for spiritual. A genuine spirit of enquiry, a healthy scepticism, a great sincerity, humility and patience are even more necessary here than in the field of material and other sciences. This needs to be cultivated.

Secondly, an overemphasis, sometimes an almost exclusive emphasis, given to the exploration and manipulation of the external world and its processes has led to a lopsided and imbalanced view of life. It has made us increasingly dependent on machinery, purchased comfort at the expense of growth, material advancement at the price of a biological and psychological amputation, outer freedom by forfeiting our inner power.

Our spirit, our mind and life, have all been placed at the body’s outer needs. The result is that even the body has suffered in the process and has slowly lost all its capacity for natural resistance. It has become now almost helplessly dependent upon doctors and drugs for restoring health, while its own healing capacities have greatly suffered. After all, we should not forget that living creatures have not only existed and survived but also multiplied and evolved much before even man began to conceive of an attempt to study and manipulate external nature. Now that we have done that but have still not found the perfect answer to our hopes, it is time to step out of our box and explore beyond. The balance between inner and outer development needs to be restored. That can come about only as we search and research the limits of our inner psychological and spiritual possibilities and see how far they can go in making life here upon earth more healthy, harmonious, peaceful, happy and beautiful. The stretching of our internal limits and boundaries must be now attempted just as we have done with physical matter.

Thirdly, and simultaneously, there is a pressing need for the spiritual evolution of man, not just as an individual but as a collective. This urge is translating itself in the form of an increasing need for spirituality felt by many, a doomed attempt to revive religions, the springing-up of new sects, paths and bypaths promising a quick ‘spiritual’ ride and so on. Obviously there is much mixture and confusion as there is bound to be when the effort is in its infancy. But it must not be given up for this reason. Most of all, this process will be helped by those, who feeling a genuine inner calling for exploring the uncharted territories of the inner life, respond to that calling and give themselves to it in real earnest. These men should dedicate themselves to exploring the spiritual domains and inner maps, just as one goes out in search of hidden continents and new lands. It is not enough to intellectualise. It is necessary to realise. It is only as the pressure of these realised beings grows that the general mass of humanity will naturally emerge into a greater light. As this happens, the hidden capacities and latent powers of the being will spontaneously develop in those who are ready and receptive. Ignorance will recede and faith will be fulfilled by direct experience and the most convincing of all methods of knowledge – a knowledge by identity. The whole approach to this spiritual evolution has to be in the line of an individual and collective growth into a new dimension. A mere analysis of surface data as our senses present today, a statistical scrutiny of available material, even convincing arguments and logic are not enough; it is only if we experience the soul as we do the body and if we know the higher consciousness and its effects personally, and this is possible only by a direct experience and identity. As the number of such a humanity or neo-humanity grows, the problem will be automatically solved.

In other words, a dual process is needed. On the one hand, we need to explore, expand and exceed the limits, push the boundaries of Nature, of our physical, vital, mental being and its latent capacities. On the other, we must find the key to open the doors of what is beyond Nature, beyond our physical-vital-mental constitution and personality, our spiritual self. As a third step, we have to unite these two. The first step will augment Nature. The second takes us beyond it to a more perfect consciousness. The third and final step will bring this greater consciousness into our nature made ready and strong by pushing its limits and boundaries and eventually transform it. We might say this is a quantitative change followed by a qualitative one. It has to reduce its dependency on external methods and outer means and increase its inherent capacity to heal and press towards a higher evolution taking such things as disease as an evolutionary challenge or even a kind of evolutionary opportunity. The key that can open the doors to a higher spiritual consciousness, urge the lower members to progress and bring the higher and the lower together is the psychic consciousness in man.

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