2.29 What is this Play of Forces?

The play of forces owes its origin to the involutionary and evolutionary process of the one Divine Consciousness. As a result of involution, there were created many planes of consciousness, each diminishing in degree of knowledge and power and delight of creation till there came about a total lapse of the perfect consciousness into the other extreme of apparent total oblivion or inconscience. It is like the process of an eclipse taking place in varying degrees and stages. This involution was the first act of the great drama of creation.

The second act starts with the returning path, that is, the evolution of the involved consciousness. But just as in involution something of the Supreme Consciousness goes right below into the nescience so too in the evolution something of the inconscience is dragged upwards. It is this combination that gives birth to successive forms or different planes of consciousness.

Now, the closer we get to the one original Supreme Consciousness, the form becomes more reflective of the true light and power of consciousness. The beings, energies and forces of the higher planes are subtler, purer, refined of dross and mixture, more in consonance with the cosmic will of the Divine and therefore more in harmony with the world’s purpose and occult plan. They act more on the basis of unity. These higher beings who reflected the original light and power of the Divine with minimum distortion were called the ‘devas’ in Indian tradition. The other side saw the nature and work of beings, forces and energies that were closer to the darker pole created by the involutionary process. They were crude embodiments of a deformed knowledge and power that had forgotten or lost its contact with the one original consciousness and thereby become deviant of the original purpose, prone to error, ignorance and falsehood. Acting on the basis of division, they perpetuate the reign of darkness and cause various kinds of disharmony and disorder in the universe. These were called the asuras, rakshashas and pisachas, (the titans, giants, and vampires) in the Indian tradition.

Of course, each of these major types can be divided into many sub-types, worlds and sub-worlds so to speak. Yet, fundamentally, we can categorise them into two major qualities of forces at their two extremes. A third belongs to a mixed category, the mid-worlds where light and darkness meet and blend creating a grey intermediate zone of uncertainty.

Each evolutionary form is the result of a balance of forces and energies from these worlds. Now here comes the twist in the evolutionary tale, which is of great relevance to us. The nature of evolution until now is an unconscious process, at least the form and consciousness that inhabits it is not conscious of what is going on. But now, with the advent of man and the touches that the human mind has been receiving off and on from the higher planes (in the embodiment of saints, sages, philosophers and even the genius) there has arisen the possibility of a conscious participation in the possibility of a rapid evolutionary transition. This is in contrast to the animal and plant life where evolution is an extremely slow and hazardous process with so much error, accident and waste. The forms that have appeared so far have been largely moulded by the forces of ‘lesser darkness’ or ignorance, struggling with the forces of ‘greater darkness’ or inconscience.

But as we have seen, with the advent of the mind, a door opens to a new possibility and thereby also a new difficulty. The mind, in its higher reaches can open to the light and truth and receive—even partially embody—something of these higher and subtler energies. This means a greater conflict, a struggle between the forces of light against those of darkness to take hold of the material, vital and mental energies and mould the physical form in such a way that it is no more unconscious and driven by the forces of ignorance but rather conscious and moved by the forces of light. If that happens, then life upon earth will become radically different. It would not be anymore a struggling and fumbling life, prone to error and accident, with a precarious security and unstable stability but one free from disorder, disease, suffering and imbalance: a life closer to the perfection it was intended to be.

Now as we draw closer to the higher regions, the pull and tussle between the forces of light and those of darkness becomes more and more acute, but also for this very reason, more and more decisive. In fact, we stand on the threshold of an age where such a decisive transition is taking place. The old machinery of life governed by ego, driven by desire and led by the uncertain sense-bound analytical mind is being gradually replaced by a life governed by the inner soul, driven by a higher purpose and will, and led by the light of intuition. This is the first transition, to be followed by a second and still greater transition to a divine life completely under the influence of the Divine Will and led by the Truth-Light. Like all great transitions, it is a period of great upheaval, confusion and apparent disorder. The struggle of forces is becoming more and more acute. This is giving birth to new possibilities of thought, feeling, will and a creative joy of life. Also are brought to the surface deeply hidden resistances, pulling us back by the forces of darkness, ignorance and inconscience towards the old order of things.

This struggle is being translated in the human consciousness by a host of new and old diseases, social and psychological pathologies, but also new forms of creativity and ways of life. In a word, we could say that Nature is in an ‘experimental’ mode and is striving to create a new being, new forms and a new embodied consciousness out of man. But like all experiments, it is a real adventure into the unknown.


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