2.24 How does the higher consciousness operate and how can one acquire it? Is this what is called a miracle?

‘Miracles’ can be of two types: authentic and illusory. The illusory type is a fabrication created by generating a certain force-field in the environment. In that atmosphere one can temporarily forget the sickness but it often returns once one moves out of the ‘vital atmosphere’. A strong power of suggestion also works in this instance. Sometimes this temporary relief may provide enough support for the action of something deeper and give more prolonged relief.

Authentic miracles are due to the intervention of a higher plane of determinism than the physical. Thus, there can be a series of such miracles in an ascending degree – vital miracles, mental miracles, spiritual miracles and of course the very highest Supramental miracles and the miracle of miracles, the healing touch of Grace. Vital miracles are performed by bringing in the forces of the vital world and their impact upon the physical. These forces are relatively easy to connect with and most Reiki channels and Pranic healers are in contact with these forces. Some tantrics also act by controlling the powers and energies of the vital world. The characteristic action of these forces is that they have a certain dramatic quality and display about them. They are often contacted through certain techniques, which incorporate, among other things, breathing exercises, since it is one of the best known ways of augmenting ‘pranic energy’. But since these are powers of the vital world the relief they provide is often temporary and there is a certain illusory nature about it.

Besides, those who choose to become its channels, often end up harming or even sometimes destroying their inner life because these powers generally aggrandise their ego and blind them to the deeper voice of the soul. Yet these men appear great, as indeed the vital powers are definitely much greater than those found in our ordinary surface life. Such men, especially if endowed with a certain vital charm, can easily become ‘gurus’ and sway the masses. One sign of the diabolical nature of this power and those who command it is their lust for wealth, ambition and fame, their need to dominate and possess more and more disciples and a desire to increase their numbers and extend the empire of their personal influence. Such movements, initiated and started by such a ‘vital power’, often presided over by a being of the ‘vital world’ masquerading as ‘spiritual’ can quickly rise on the crest of population and propaganda, phenomenally expand in a relatively short time but often violently crash once the upholders of this power are gone.

Mental miracles are less dramatic but more steady and their effects last longer. They are effectuated by the powers of thought and the release of mind energies. They rely a lot on the formative powers of the mind and its ability to create images. The techniques involved usually take some form of autosuggestion, imagery, thought-affirmations, etc. Unlike the vital forces, these take longer and do not work in all cases. It needs a certain development of the mind and a capacity for imagery. Besides, the mental domain is a very mixed one, often carrying contrary thoughts and contradictory wills. Doubt, pessimism and anxiety may further cloud the mental field and make it difficult for the mental forces to act. That is why the mind energies act best when our normal mental operations are suspended as in hypnosis or in the twilight state of consciousness between wakefulness and sleep. During such a state, suggestions can sink into the subconscious mind more readily and act from there as strong neutralising influences. Apart from these, one can augment one’s mental energies by practising concentration and meditation of certain kinds and influence the course of things by mental will and thought alone. When such thought is joined by a strong emotion, it can sometimes work out a change that we call miracle.

Spiritual miracles operate in another way. Unlike the vital and mental miracles that act with an ignorant power, the spiritual consciousness acts on the basis of knowledge. It does not always rush to create a dramatic result but takes into cognisance the entire field of the play of forces, the larger issues involved and sometimes even the secret need to go through certain struggles and experiences so necessary for one’s growth. All the same, when a truly spiritual power acts, it gives a clear sense of inner support even when we have to go through what we must because that is the cosmic will and secret sanction of the soul. Spiritual forces always act on the basis of peace and carry with them an atmosphere of calm, wideness and light.

But the problem is that most human beings are not open to the higher ranges of the spiritual consciousness and have no link with these greater beings, their energies and powers. Neither are our body and mind, our life parts and nerves, ready and capable of bearing their pressure. It is seldom that true spiritual powers act or even show themselves in an atmosphere full of excitement and astonishment with loud voices or drumbeats in the background. The best condition for their action is peace and inner purity, trust and an inner surrender. The highest of all spiritually healing forces is the force of spiritual purity. If one has it at one’s disposal or one asks for it then in a moment it can completely dissolve the adverse formation of illness as light destroys darkness. But that is very rare, given the state of our present human consciousness.

Beyond all these is the intervention of the highest determinism, of that which determines all things, of the knowledge and power that built the worlds and the countless systems and universes and the beings that inhabit them. This is the highest power and its intervention can change not only the very course of things but also the very law of things. It can change—not merely suspend by a kind of superimposition—the so-called ‘laws of Nature’ which are not so much laws as habits and patterns formed by certain movements running in fixed grooves.

From this we can see that there are several levels of determinism and while the outward effect (say relief of symptoms of an illness) may sometimes be similar, the underlying process, the long-term effects and deeper repercussions are different. Also, our physical instrument, the body, is not always open or receptive to the highest force and its touch can sometimes paradoxically even worsen things temporarily due to the emergence of hidden resistance. However, once tackled, the cure is much more complete. A miracle therefore is a two-way process when it concerns human beings who, by virtue of having a personal will and a great inner complexity, are not like inanimate objects. The force that heals or performs the miracle has to reckon with the nature of the instrument, the help it offers and the resistance. Even a Beethoven can’t play good symphonies on a crude and badly tuned piano! It is not enough to ask for a miracle, it is also necessary to be ready and prepared for one, for a miracle is neither a magical illusion nor an arbitrary working of a power. There are certain conditions needed for a miracle to happen, and as with all things, certain conditions make a miracle easy and possible.

That is why there is another form of miracle that often goes unrecognised or is misunderstood. It is the subtler energies of the vital, mental and higher spiritual consciousness acting through an intermediary medium such as a doctor, drug, method or even a flower if the individual has faith and is receptive to it. Such cases have always been known but not admitted, not even accepted for examination by mainstream science: they are there as silent testimony! But to act this way requires a certain inner development or a special occult knowledge not accessible to most.

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