2.18-2.19 How to Open to the Divine Grace, and Can It Cure Anything and Everything?

2.18 How does one open oneself to the Divine force?

Opening to the Divine force with increasing plasticity and receptivity can be done in various ways. The common elements in all these methods, or let us say, the central and most important, are will and faith. One must will it, aspire for it and assist the aspiration by dedicating one’s physical work and exercises, etc. to the Divine with a prayer to increase the light, truth, peace and purity and the consciousness in the cells, in the very body itself. But if this aspiration is beset with doubt, then we naturally contradict it and render the work ineffective. So we should add to it a faith and trust that if one asks for this Grace, one will get it. It may not be easy in the beginning because the human mind lives in ignorance and has little natural faith in higher things. Besides, we are so accustomed to look outwards, to seek help and depend upon external aids that we seldom try these inner, subtler means.

However, with practice, it becomes easy like everything else. It even becomes natural, indeed the most natural and spontaneous thing to do, provoking an almost instantaneous response at times. In any case, at some point man has to outgrow this excessive dependency on external aids and discover his own inner and deeper, truer and more lasting resources of strength which are waiting to be explored, right behind his waking surface life. Even now, it acts from behind and helps us. How much more can be done if we consciously collaborate with it!

Various means have been given from the very ancient to the most modern times by spiritual pioneers and the high entrepreneurs of the soul. If we take out certain externalities that were possibly meant to take care of special needs of time and space and the context in which these Masters worked, we can isolate some common elements. Among these are faith in higher things, an aspiration and a concentration upon them, a persistent rejection of the ego-self that binds us so tenaciously to our present limited formulation of nature and above all a surrender to That which so much exceeds us. Given these general principles of a higher human evolution, each one must then find his own unique path to evolve towards the Godhead concealed within us. It is this that can solve the enigma of man and the various problems that beset us as challenges of life, of which disease is one.

2.19 Does it mean that once discovered, the higher consciousness can cure anything and everything and there is no need for medicines or anything else?

The higher consciousness is a whole range. At its lowest are the powers of a higher mind where the spiritual consciousness is available as a steady but not an intensely potent light. This climbs upward through a hierarchy of intermediate planes between our mind and the Truth-Consciousness, where the absolute potencies of the Spirit reside. And beyond and behind these is the incalculable power of Grace.

But as we have seen, the problem of evolution is twofold. On the one side are present ascending levels of consciousness and their forces and energies trying to express themselves, and on the other is the form, the physical and outer consciousness that has to receive and respond rightly. Usually, there is a mixture, so to say, of some parts responding, others resisting. The higher consciousness does not act in a vacuum and in an arbitrary way. Even if it chooses to intervene and is allowed to do so, the body, vital force or mind, or all of them may resist this action. This resistance is of quite a complex nature and is often unconscious.

The body cells and matter have been kneaded through the ages through difficulty and suffering. They have learnt to immediately react to anything new as if it were an alien threatening force. They lack the spontaneous trust in Grace. They have the memory imprints of disease and death within their programming. Everything is a fixed habit for these cells and it is difficult for them to even perceive any other way. Above all, the very nature of matter is a dullness and an inertia. It is a blind obscure consciousness or rather the one Consciousness has become matter by a kind of self-loss or perhaps a self-oblivion.

Slowly the awakening has come to it by the infusion of the forces of life and then of the mental consciousness but still it is a far cry from the spiritual and the Supramental. In other words, the entire past history is recorded in the cells as an obscure memory and resists the action of anything new. But once it accepts this new thing, then it gives itself fully to it with a blind faith and the work is done definitively. There is then no turning back. The resistance itself may take the form of a want of faith, a lack of will to recover, or even (however strange it may sound) a perverse will to remain sick!

If the resistance in a part is simply due to a want of faith, then there is no harm in using some method or medicine in which one has trust.  It may even be helpful as the higher consciousness can then act through the external instruments (the doctor, drug or method) using them as a medium for its action. Everything has its place: if one has an integral faith and integral opening and receptivity to the Grace, then everything is possible. Sometimes however, the very pressure of Grace may bring out hidden resistances with a resultant worsening. But if one persists with faith, then everything is resolved in due course of time.

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