2.11-2.12 Pushing the Limits and Conquest of Diseases by Inner Means

2.11 What does pushing the limits mean? Is there then no permanent and lasting solution to the curse of illness that sticks to earthly life and man?

It means that Nature fixes certain limits for each type of species. These limits are first fixed by the type or level of consciousness that has predominantly manifested in and through a certain physical form. In fact, it is through constant pressure from that particular plane of consciousness that the physical form evolves for its instrumentation through eons of evolutionary labour. By doing so, matter becomes capable of being moved by the forces and energies of that plane and of expressing its powers and potential in material terms. Secondly, by force of habit, the grooves are strengthened and the species is fixed to its type by what we know as laws.

The human type is fixed by the mind and by its very nature the mind dwells in the consciousness of division and ignorance. Yet, unlike the animal, it is progressive in nature. It is capable of opening to its own heights of knowledge, even transcending them and thereby actually transcending the human formula. The mind is ignorance moving towards knowledge. Therefore, unlike the animal, man constantly tries to stretch his limits and extend his boundaries. Through science, education, exercise and various systems of thought and philosophy, man tries to progress. But nowhere is he able to do it as radically as through spirituality. Science does push his limits of power over the outer world and forces of physical nature but does very little to change the inner limits. It is only by an ascent of consciousness beyond the mind and a pouring in of the powers and forces of a higher consciousness that man can truly exceed the human nature, change the laws of his own nature, conquer disease and one day perhaps, even death.

2.12 We can understand the conquest of diseases by an inner meansthe field of psychosomatics does indeed recognise it in a small way. But can this lead to a total elimination of disease and even death?

Psychosomatics are only a small beginning. The field of mind-body medicine has come to recognise that our thoughts, emotions and beliefs have an effect upon our body in both positive and negative ways. It is an acknowledgement of the powers of mind over matter. Yet this small opening indicates larger possibilities. For if the mental consciousness can have so much effect upon the body, then how much more impact will the yet to emerge spiritual consciousness have? Or to put it in another way, if our mind in its present stage of development can exercise so much control, then how much more would a developed and trained mind achieve? Once our awareness, now trapped within the mind, opens to higher regions then the possibilities will be limitless. The spiritual domain, the higher consciousness is not a limited and struggling knowledge and power. It is vast and teeming with beings, forces and energies of a purer and higher order. At its very highest, it fuses with a Consciousness that is infinite and hence potentially capable of infinite possibilities. The scope is limitless. What we see therefore is a small path that if rightly followed can lead us to much wider spaces of human potential and possibilities.

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