The Yoga of Sri Aurobindo (a talk in Hindi TH 029)

Sri Aurobindo’s yoga aims to establish the Divine Consciousness in matter. Even now It operates hidden behind and veiled as well as distorted by the outer and lower nature. The work is complex and vast. The whole creation strives for perfection. Sri Aurobindo tells us the four aspects of perfection – Shuddhi, Mukti, Shakti and Bhukti. Shuddhi makes our inner and outer nature open towards divine influence, Mukti frees us from our petty ego self and expand it into universal self. Then one is ready to be a strong and supple vehicle for the Shakti and work for divine fulfilment. A sincere effort can open these doors for our destined goal. Though the path difficult and long, we should persist with faith and endurance. Greater are the sincerity and self-giving, the smoother and swifter is the process.

Recorded in 2009.

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