The Destiny of Man and of India (a talk in Hindi TH 030)

Sri Aurobindo worked in different aspects of human consciousness and everywhere he established the needed lines along which humanity could grow and progress. The first work was freedom of India. He worked in Indian politics and laid all the large lines through which India will get freedom. We see the glimpses of this work in “Bande Mataram”, “Karmayogin” and “Dharma”. When the work’s success was assured, he withdrew himself to do work of the next level, the freedom of mankind. He revealed through his various writings as to how the past aspirations of humanity is linked with the future aspiration. Sri Aurobindo prepared all the large lines through which mankind would grow towards its greater divine destiny. And finally establishing The Divine Mother in the midst of human life, Sri Aurobindo showered the Supreme Blessings. It is not an easy task even to imagine for a human mind, but it has been done for us. We must strive sincerely to be worthy of it. All that is needed now is a sincere Yes from our side and an opening to the Divine Consciousness that He has brought down and established upon earth.

Recorded in 2009.

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