Sri Aurobindo the Avatar and the New Way (a talk in Hindi TH 001)

The speaker starts with a powerful message of the Mother revealing the Avataric mission and work of Sri Aurobindo to prepare for the future realization of mankind. It is the Divine hidden within the core of creation who emerges out during critical moments of history and helps humanity through the dangerous passage. He further reveals to us the secret of the Avatara through the message of the Gita and its emphasis on inner rather than external renunciation. He gives us the background and importance of Integral yoga as the grand culmination of all past yogic efforts of mankind. He also speaks about Sri Aurobindo’s mission and purpose which is not to perpetuate the old forms of spirituality but the transformation of nature which is something new and unprecedented. He speaks about the transformation of nature as the next logical step following the yoga of the Gita which shows us a wide path of liberation through works itself. Finally, he speaks about the role of the Divine Mother in this transformation.

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