Savitri Study Camps 23 – 25

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Study Camps on Sri Aurobindo’s epic poem Savitri with Dr Alok Pandey.
Starting with 2014, the videos are available:  Savitri Study Camps Video .
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Title - Click to ListenTimeDownloadSynopsis
SC23-01 B10C2 pp 607-609 The Gospel of Death52' 48 MB 24 MB Download
SC23-02 B10C2 pp 609-612 Vanity of the Ideal49' 46 MB 23 MB Download
SC23-03 B10C2 pp 612-613 The Divine Mother’s Love for Her Children51' 47 MB 24 MB Download
SC23-04 B10C2 pp 613-614 God the Fire41' 38 MB 19 MB Download
SC23-05 B10C2 pp 614-617 The Materialist’s Denial51' 47 MB 24 MB Download
SC23-06 B10C2 pp 617-620 The Truth that Slays42' 39 MB 20 MB Download
SC23-07 B10C2 pp 621-623 The Truth that Saves55' 51 MB 25 MB Download
SC23-08 B10C3 pp 623-625 The Secret of Creation49' 46 MB 23 MB Download
SC23-09 B10C3 pp 625-627 The Dark Metamorphosis and the Slow Return Through Long Evolution41' 38 MB 19 MB Download
SC23-10 B10C3 pp 628-629 The Mask of Death51' 47 MB 24 MB Download
SC23-11 B10C3 pp 630-633 Bliss at the root of Creation50' 47 MB 23 MB Download
SC23-12 Dialogue with Death and Different Conceptions of God1'09' 63 MB 32 MB
SC24-01 B10C3 pp 633-634 The first victory over Death53' 49 MB 25 MB Download
SC24-02 B10C3 pp 634-637 The human mask of God40' 37 MB 19 MB Download
SC24-03 B10C3 pp 636-639 The boons of Death1'04' 59 MB 29 MB Download
SC24-04 B10C3 pp 639-642 Towards the Dream Twilight of Earthly Real47' 44 MB 22 MB Download
SC24-05 B10C4 pp 642-645 The apparent futility of human efforts48' 44 MB 22 MB Download
SC24-06 B10C4 pp 645-647 The gulf created by the Mind48' 44 MB 22 MB Download
SC24-07 B10C4 pp 647-650 This world-march45' 41 MB 21 MB Download
SC24-08 B10C4 pp 650-652 The Call to the strong in spirit48' 44 MB 22 MB Download
SC24-09 B10C4 pp 652-653 True Freedom38' 36 MB 18 MB Download
SC24-10 B10C4 pp 654-656 Death posits Matter and Spirit as an irreconcilable pair50' 46 MB 23 MB Download
SC24-11 B10C4 pp 656-658 All contraries are aspects of the One Truth45' 41 MB 21 MB Download
SC24-12 B10C4 pp 658-660 The great unfolding47' 44 MB 22 MB Download
SC24-13 B10C4 pp 660-662 The Home of Truth41' 38 MB 19 MB Download