Savitri Study Camps 20 – 22

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Study Camps on Sri Aurobindo’s epic poem Savitri with Dr Alok Pandey.
Starting with 2014, the videos are available:  Savitri Study Camps Video .
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Title - Click to ListenTimeDownloadSynopsis
SC20-01 Introduction to the Book of Yoga45' 42 MB 21 MB
SC20-02 B7C4 pp 514-516 Mother of Light47' 44 MB 22 MB Download
SC20-03 B7C4 pp 517–519 The Mind of Night45' 42 MB 21 MB Download
SC20-04 B7C4 pp 519-522 Savitri’s promise to the Madonna of Light48' 44 MB 22 MB Download
SC20-05 B7C5 pp 522-524 The Night of God and the Soul’s mystic cave47' 44 MB 22 MB Download
SC20-06 B7C5 pp 524-526 The Temple within man45' 42 MB 21 MB Download
SC20-07 B7C5 pp 526-527 Merging of the psychic being with the central being49' 46 MB 23 MB Download
SC20-08 B7C5 pp 527-529 Descent of the Divine Shakti46' 43 MB 21 MB Download
SC20-09 B7C5 pp 529-531 The progressive transformation of nature47' 43 MB 22 MB Download
SC20-10 B7C6 pp 532-533 The sun before abysmal night43' 40 MB 20 MB Download
SC20-11 B7C6 pp 533-536 Voice of the Night44' 41 MB 21 MB Download
SC20-12 B7C6 pp 536-538 Voice of the Light1'05' 60 MB 30 MB Download
SC21-01 B7C6 p 538 The Journey beyond the psychic realisation48' 44 MB 22 MB Download
SC21-02 B7C6 pp 538-541 The Witness self and the birth of Thought48' 44 MB 22 MB Download
SC21-03 B7C6 pp 541-543 The World is a vast unbroken totality48' 45 MB 22 MB Download
SC21-04 B7C6 pp 543-546 The Mystic Nihil and the All-negating Void Supreme48' 45 MB 22 MB Download
SC21-05 B7C6 pp 546-548 The eternal Zero48' 44 MB 22 MB Download
SC21-06 B7C6 pp 548-550 The Absolute39' 36 MB 18 MB Download
SC21-07 B7C7 pp 551-553 Nirvana and works in the world47' 43 MB 22 MB Download
SC21-08 B7C7 pp 553–554 The Unseen, the Unknown waiting for its hour47' 43 MB 22 MB Download
SC21-09 B7C7 pp 554-556 The Supramental Truth and the Cosmic Spirit40' 37 MB 19 MB Download
SC21-10 B7C7 pp 556-557 The Cosmic Consciousness1'08' 63 MB 31 MB Download
SC21-11 Book 7 - The Book of Yoga (A brief summary)1'16' 70 MB 35 MB Download
SC22-01 B8C3 pp 561-563 The approaching feet of Destiny4' 4 MB 5 MB Download
SC22-02 B8C3 pp 563-566 The moment of departure53' 49 MB 24 MB Download
SC22-03 B9C1 pp 571-573 The Divine Mother takes hold of the human Savitri42' 39 MB 19 MB Download
SC22-04 B9C1 pp 573-576 Death draws out the soul of Satyavan57' 53 MB 26 MB Download
SC22-05 B9C1 pp 576-580 Steps towards the Night59' 54 MB 27 MB Download
SC22-06 B9C1 pp 580-583 Entry into the Night53' 49 MB 24 MB Download
SC22-07 B9C2 pp 584-586 The gleam of Hope37' 34 MB 17 MB Download
SC22-08 B9C2 pp 586-589 Savitri commands Death to give back what Satyavan desired45' 42 MB 21 MB Download
SC22-09 B9C2 pp 589-592 The gifts of Death and the God of Savitri’s heart44' 41 MB 20 MB Download
SC22-10 B9C2 pp 592–595 The Power of Love50' 47 MB 23 MB Download
SC22-11 B10C1 pp 599-601 The mystery of Night and man’s secret truth44' 41 MB 20 MB Download
SC22-12 B10C1 pp 601-606 The twilight heavens1'01' 56 MB 28 MB Download

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