Sadhana Forest Auroville

A new documentary by Fred Cebron (Auroville)

A few words about the community (more details here:

Sadhana Forest is a community focused on water conservation and the indigenous reforestation of 70 acres of severely eroded Auroville land located inland from Morattandi, off the Pondicherry-Tindivanam road. Sadhana Forest is based on volunteers coming to work there around the year from India  and all over the world. A thousand volunteers a year are provided with free accommodation in huts built from local, natural materials. Energy is provided by a solar system; other sustainable practices implemented in the community are vegan organic nutrition, recycling and waste minimisation, biodegradable toiletries, composting toilets, a grey water system, and, very importantly, positive and supportive emotional attitudes. Sadhana Forest has a sister community in Haiti focused on creating a food forest with the local population. You are warmly invited to a tour of the community and the forest, an eco film, and a free vegan organic dinner every Friday at 4:30pm. The free bus service leaves from Solar Kitchen at 4pm. No booking required!

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