Peace and Silence


After two days of the higher state, inertia comes, covering up my consciousness. Then the restlessness becomes so overwhelming that I cannot even meditate. Can nothing be done to prevent this reaction?

The peace and silence have to come into the physical and replace the inertia.

I always feel the peace and silence coming down from above. Many sadhaks must have gone beyond me. Is their experience the same as mine?

Everybody does not get the peace and silence from above. I do not know what you mean by “gone beyond me” or to whom you refer.

The descents of peace and silence are ceaseless from morning to night. But even these descents are not able to control or quiet the subnature.

If peace becomes permanent in the inner being, then the subnature becomes an external and superficial thing — one part of the consciousness is then free, unmoved by anything that happens, it regards the surface turmoil as something not belonging to itself. If the peace extends in the same way to the external parts also, then the whole being becomes free and the surface nature is felt only as something moving about in the atmosphere, trying to enter but unable to do so. But this of course happens only when the descents of Peace have turned into a massive stability of Peace.

I am unable to have in action the same sadhana which is possible in static meditation. It is due to my too passive peace, which can concentrate only if I am inactive. But when the Force above is strong and intense, this difference between the action and inaction decreases. What about the coming down of the dynamic descent?

It is not the innate character of passive peace that it can only concentrate in inaction. It can be there and concentrate in or behind action also.

As for the dynamic descent, you say that the Force has descended to your forehead (inner mind) centre. It seems to be very slow in coming through. It has to come down to the heart centre and below before it can begin to be fully effective. Probably there must be something either in the physical mental (throat) [or] the emotional vital that obstructs the descent. That may be the reason of the union of the upper Agni and the psychic fire and the push in the psychic centre — something is trying to remove the difficulty.

Is it true that the passive peace can stop the lower action?

The peace that descends from above can stop the lower action, if it settles in all the being. But that is not sufficient if one wants to develop the dynamic side of the being also on the lines of Yoga.

You asked me, “Then what do you feel? not even quietude or peace? What then is the experience?” The experience is often of a deep stillness — a state higher than the silence, of being high above. What I feel lacking is a definite sense of joy or Ananda.

I understand from what you wrote that there was nothing at all except the sense of being on high above. If there is a stillness higher than the silence, — the absence of joy or Ananda does not so much matter. What is lacking seems to be the sense of wideness, of mukti, of the free illimitable self which is usually the nature of these experiences of stillness high above the head.

Is this absence of Ananda common with other sadhaks?

Ananda is not so common a state as peace and with most, if it comes, it is not continuous.

Whatever peace I bring down is devoured by the inertia. Is there no way out?

To bring down so much that the inertia can’t devour it, but it devours the inertia.

For handling the present vital and physical difficulties it is very necessary to strengthen my passive peace. Can’t it be done by bringing down the Force from above?

A tranquil force — not the force that fights — it is really a silent Strength that comes from above and is part of the complete Peace.

A dynamic descent brings tapas not shama. It is a greater and greater descent of peace that brings shama — the dynamic descent helps but by dispersing the element of rajasic disturbance and changing rajas into tapas.

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